How do you add excitement to the everyday life?

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“Why the long face?”, “why so serious?” Can be the couple of questions people ask you when you arrive at work/school. The gestures at your arrival show all the excitement and energy you are beginning the week with, all that power blasting through your eyes and it’s contagious. Beginning the week gives you a lot of energy, the slumber has gone away…

Read the last paragraph with a lot of sarcasm

I mean, who in his sane mind, wakes up blissfully every Monday morning all prepared and perspiring excitement? If you are one of those we salute you! You should click here so you can spread that feeling.

Excitement is a thing you create, just like inspiration. The trick is enjoying what you are about to do during your day instead of focusing on the “unbearable” burden we think we need to face. Nothing will be tedious if you change the lenses with which you are seeing things. The question we need to answer to make this alteration is:

How do you add excitement to the everyday life?

Give personal meaning to everything you do or are about to do

Meaning is something you give to stuff around you. It’s not something inherent to things. Even if it’s not directly related to your likes, think about the benefits it can provide to you.

Don’t think about this method as something selfish. Everything you do, you do it because in the end it can provide something for you, whether it’s financial, emotional, spiritual. We do stuff waiting to get something back and there’s no way around it. The benefits you can get will be your motivation to do things.

Learn to enjoy what you are doing no matter what

Every job has its boring moments, even the one you prepared so passionately. Unfortunately, if it’s not always fun it will turn off your excitement to do it. When this happens to you (and it will), pay attention to why you are doing it and “because it pays me” doesn’t count. As we stressed before, it’s about changing the way you see things. Focus on the long-term benefit, what you can learn from it, the interactions it pushes to do with other people, sharing the people’s passions.

I really used to hate college. Then I realized the amount of stuff that I could learn, then I met people who was passionate about some topics and learned a lot from them everyday. My time in college passed from something very annoying to an activity I enjoyed a lot.

You see, excitement it’s not something built-in, it’s a treasure you find but to find it you don’t need to change the map, you need to change the binoculars.


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