I have no inspiration today…

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Writing this article has proven difficult, very much. It’s not because of the topic, the length or the language. Lately my brain has been on drought, maybe he decided to go on strike. Inspiration to write seems absent and both their friends (imagination & creativity) appear to have left with her.

Where did my inspiration go?

That’s the question I’ve been making myself since the beginning of March. Did she board another plane, different of mine? It could be that she wanted to go on vacation; they say holidays always refresh inspiration. Well, that’s pretty cool but then, when she’s coming back? If she ever comes back at all…

It could be that she stayed on that hostel’s pillow or in the t-shirt I lost during that trip, maybe. Wherever she is, I wish her the best and a safe (and presently) travel back home. Meanwhile I’ll have to do the best with what is in my hands right now.

Betting all my future on a metaphysical conception, on something so subjective as inspiration won’t get me anywhere. That is because my journey and it’s destination is not in the hands on something so whimsical. This made me remember what I’ve been saying: it’s up to you and only you to reach your goals.

Showing up to work goes a long way, longer than just starting when the inspiration comes bursting into our lives. Hard work in its own way it’s deeply inspirational. Now come to think of it, most of the leaders I look up to didn’t (don’t) have anything special, no mystical moment that gave them inspiration happened. Just being bent on changing what they know it was wrong. Delivering that speech, to the office, to their endless meetings.

Just hard work and not only inspiration.

When you do, all the small bits and details of your new life will help as an inspiration not just to you but everyone around you.

Every little action you undertake will be regarded as a big thing. Start now, do something that holds meaning for you, even you don’t feel like it. Help others become better with your example.

Let yourself become the inspiration.


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