Hey me, make me proud!

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This is a letter that will only make sense to you, since the person writing it is the 10 year old version of yourself. So, I wanted to ask you: how are you doing? Are you proud of yourself?

The reason I’m writing this is for us not to forget about the path we set ourselves upon. Are momma and daddy proud? Have we made new awesome friends? Are we on track to achieve our dreams (or, as we might call them now, goals)? I really hope we are.

I won’t ask you about new toys because you may be too cool for them now. Still, never stop being a child, even when you mature. If you ever forget this, just read again that one book we had as an assignment – The Little Prince, so you get back on track. If you don’t take some time to laugh while watching cartoons, I cannot say that I’m too proud of us…

I know life is hard – not just sometimes, but in general – and it might be a little bit more complex for you now. As before, always remember the advice grandpa gave us: stand taller than the challenges and don’t run from them, they are quicker than you and will catch up eventually. We have the strength to follow that advice and challenge the challenges.

What do we study? Is it what we planned? Is it related to our dream? I cannot say that I’m disappointed if we don’t because a lot has happened since you were my age. I’m not saying to give up on our dreams every time life gets hard, all I’m saying is that we could’ve found something we are better at.

Just pay attention to the answer of the next question: are we studying (or studied) that to make us proud or to make somebody else proud?

I cannot wait to grow up and get to our actual age, I want to see what adventures we’ve had, the challenges we face, all the people we’ve helped and all the places we’ve visited. I want to be you now. You may not believe it, but there is always a reason to be proud of ourselves, and there is still time to mend what makes us not so proud of ourselves.

Don’t forget that it’s never wrong or late to do the right thing.


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