Doing a good job won’t get you anywhere

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An afternoon watching movies led me to that particular finding. At first I thought it was a movie about obsession but suddenly realized it is about being more. The message it’s not settling down for good when it can be better.

Take a moment and think about all your goals. Do they seem average? Easy to get? Well, if you are still going after them, it’s because they are not. This raises the question, why do they seem so far when you’re doing a ‘good job’ to get there? Truth be told, it’s because it’s not enough

Conforming is the best option, especially when we feel like we are doing well and because of it some of the stuff we planned for, start to happen. However, those little things are just that – little – since the effort we put into them is minimal. No great deed was ever accomplished by doing just the average.

Seems harsh, right?

Well, there’s no easy way around it and that’s that. Just good isn’t going to make the cut. There is always room for improvement and the room is larger when you notice that nothing is advancing.

Settling down, procrastination, laziness, call it whatever you want. That right there is the name of your worst enemy, once you see it, work the hardest on overcoming it, from there doing the best will be a habit in your life.

Don’t be afraid or shocked to realize you might be in the good job’ area, it’s pretty common. But you know what is also common? Getting out of there! It will take some effort and work from you, yet it’s the best method to actually achieve your goals.

I mean, doing a good job is not bad at all but believing it’s the best you can do, that’s lethal for you and your goals.

Finally, always remember that “good is not good enough if it can be better, and better is not good enough if it can be the best”. Apply that to yourself everyday, and each day you’ll be a lot closer to reaching your goals.

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