Don’t give up even if surrender is the only option!

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Well it’s true, sometimes it would appear that the whole universe has conspired against you and life is just going the wrong way, that none of your plans are going right. In those situations the only answer is to give up, right?

Fortunately we uncovered the truth to overcome this:


Are you ready for it?


Are you sure?


Keep on going, life is not easy. Don’t give up!


Were you expecting something else?

To give up is not an option

Sorry to break it down to you this way, actually there is not an infallible method to achieve your goals when things are going wrong but not to give up.

Another lesson well known is that no one ever is going to deliver your dreams to you on a silver platter. The only one working for it should and will be you. Of course there will always be somebody next to you even if you are alone, supporting you to do so.

There are also times when we need to decide what battles are worth fighting for. That does not mean we are about to give up. Real defeat comes only when you decide to stop the hustling and quit your ambition to achieve something.

So there’s no other way to be defeated than by your own choice.

Just remember that: “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, so if your goals aren’t really important to you then you can settle for it.

However, if you actually want them with every breath then you will stand up every time you fall. The right choice is right there!

This article is not meant to be motivational. Its only purpose is to remind you that you can give up and that’s it or that you can keep on going until you reach your desired destination. It won’t be easy most of the time, but it’s the only way to take you there.

Don’t fall in despair, everything works out in the end (if you work for it).

PS, If you don’t think that there is something going right in your life right now. Just think that you are one of the 48 percent worldwide that can read this article because you have access to internet, unlike the other 52 percent.


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