What Makes You Self Aware?

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One of the biggest qualities of successful people, as we know, is leadership. A leadership that is organized and flexible in all ways. My mother always told me that a leader is a pillar of strength and guidance to everyone and more so because of his or her ability to be completely aware of oneself. It is the ability to distinguish between one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to use them towards their own advantages that forms the roots of self-awareness.


Whenever I came across experiences that forced me to think about how I perceive the situation and how I can develop further from it, my self-awareness increased. It helped me realize why awareness really matters. To be in a completely conscious state of what you are doing is what impacts success and that lead me to pave a way toward being a true leader which is indeed what self-awareness is all about.


From the challenges that are put forward in front of us to overcome each day, we learn a lot. When we push ourselves into our extremes is when we realise what we’re capable of. And nothing, may I say, is more beautiful than being totally aware of ourselves as it drives us to be better each and every day. With both our flaws and perfections on check, we find extraordinary ways to excel.


We can all implement this in our lives is by being completely honest to ourselves. Gone are the days when you’d only focus on the positive aspects of your personality and build a way from there. The more you learn about your flaws, the more you are able to take decisions that are tactful and diligent. It is magically fruitful to develop self-awareness that understands and lives personal values while we explore our passion.


Yes, a leader is self-aware. And what makes you self-aware is your own desire to understand and look through yourself. The more you know yourself, the better you understand the world. What would stop you from winning it then?


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