What makes a great teacher?

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Learn this before you teach

So you decided to gain experience in one of the most beautiful yet most demanding professions ever: teaching. Before you embark on your wonderful journey, prepare to develop key skills that will grant you good relationship with the class and success in your work.

A great teacher creates a sense of belonging through mutual respect. Encourage children to share their ideas, defend their opinion without hurting others! Through teaching in a multicultural environment, you can also show how to respect and work with other cultures, to develop a more open and accepting mind set in the class.


A great teacher sets high expectations for everybody. One develops the most through challenges. But a teacher must pay attention to the knowledge and skills of each individual and challenge them accordingly; so the sense of achievement would be equal for all pupils.

A great teacher has the love of learning. For an intense self-development opportunity, work abroad! Be part of a new community, experience another culture and learn new ways to solve common problems. By applying innovative techniques and different attitudes, you can provide the highest quality education to all students throughout your career too.


The future is in their hands, but you can shape it too!
Enable children to reach their full potential.
Impact a community.
Change the world.


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