Activate Yourself (QUIZ)

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Leadership is complicated stuff, and there is no perfect definition. How can you know when you’re a good leader? You can always examine your results, but what if those results, even if they are good, are just a result of chance and a competent team? What if through better leadership your results could increase?

The first step to improving something is understanding what it is. In AIESEC we have agreed upon a definition of leadership, which is made up of 4 different qualities.

We believe a great leader has to empower others, show self awareness, be a world citizen and be solution oriented. This sounds like a lot, but the truth is, everybody can be a good leader. It starts with self awareness – you need to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your personal values are. After that you can move on and work on anything you want!

You have to put yourself in situations, that are out of your comfort zone to be able to grow. Try things that you never thought were possible, otherwise you will not be able to grow. Don’t just wait for them to happen to you, actively seek them out and you will have the opportunity to better yourself as a leader.

But how should you know, which of these four qualities you need to work on the most? We prepared a little quiz, that might be able to help you with this question:







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