Adaptability – the key to staying competitive

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We live in a world of challenges, risk, and instability, and on each day, we might face many situations where we have to deal with sudden changes and respond to challenging environments. As a result, the competitive advantage no longer arises exclusively from the previous experience, positions taken, or formal education, we need to increase our competitiveness by automatically adjusting our performance to the current conditions with the maximum flexibility in the workplace as well as our personal lives.

Another feature of change in the world has been the development in the nature of jobs, therefore, the best job candidates are those who are comfortable making quick business decisions,  able to acquire new skills, and ready to learn new technologies needed in the current fast-moving marketplace, in one word, those who can adapt.

Being adaptable has many benefits, but we should realize that they may need some practice. Below we have listed some of those benefits:

  1.  Adaptability is the new competitive advantage

According to iCIMS, the top three soft skills recruiting professionals value most in a job candidate included problem-solving (62 percent), adaptability (49 percent) and time management (48 percent). While the sets of hard skills differ depending on the employer and the position, recruiters look for adaptability as a key soft skill.

  1. Adaptable employees can become great leaders

Employees who are adaptable excel as leaders. They can influence people around them to embrace change, they take the responsibility to add a lot to the company and give it more opportunities to progress. Those who want to succeed and push themselves are always seeking out bigger and better things, they always bring new ideas and take the initiative to push themselves and others around them to be creative. Take advantage of them!

  1. Adaptable employees are self-motivated

Those who can easily adapt to changes, accept challenges, learn new things, have the feeling that you can do anything. They believe they have the skills, the knowledge, and the ability to learn and change achieving a better version of themselves. Because self-motivated people are internally driven, managers and companies will not need to make a lot of effort to reinforce their strong loyalty and commitment.

In the rapidly-changing market of these days, employers are always seeking for employees who can come up with new ideas and take the initiative to make them happen. These days, adaptability has become the new competitive advantage, a critical quality that allows employees to stand out. If you are looking for highly adaptable employees, make sure to have a look here.


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