6 Moods We Feel When Applying for a Job

6 Moods We Feel When Applying for a Job

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Are you currently applying for a job? Or maybe you’re preparing yourself for that moment? As young people, we often feel different kinds of emotions when we apply for a job. Whether you’re applying for an internship position or your first full-time job, here are the 6 Moods We Feel When Applying for a Job that most of us can say “been there, done that” to!


#1 Eagle eyes: activated!


The first step of applying for a job is maybe the most tedious part: job hunting

There are a lot of ways to find a job these days. Your university might have a job portal that gives you access to the best opportunities, or maybe you’re searching through websites such as LinkedIn or indeed.

Even though the internet has given us the easiest way to find jobs, you still need to activate your eagle eyes and find the opportunities that suit your background, qualifications, and interests. 

Keep looking! If you’re seeking an international opportunity that can differentiate you, do you know that AIESEC has Global Talent and Global Teacher programs available for you? Check them out.

#2 Conflicted


Hooray! You finally found some opportunities that interest you.

But now you’re conflicted… 

“Is this position suitable for me?” “Is my working style suitable for the workplace?”

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It’s completely normal to feel confused! Do your research about the job position and the workplace itself. If possible, you can find current employees on LinkedIn and ask them about your concerns. Take your time, but not too long that you miss the deadline!

#3 Confident


You’ve done your research, and now it’s time to apply!

Your confidence is at an all-time high. You’ve locked your eyes on a few opportunities that you feel are the best for you.

The CV is ready, maybe your portfolio as well. All you need to do now is write a cover letter and send all the documents to the employers! You’re amazing, and you got this!

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#4 Anxious


After a brief moment of confidence, it’s totally okay to feel anxious all of a sudden.

Maybe you think you had a typo somewhere, or you accidentally address the employer with a different name (trust us, some people made this mistake!)

Accidents happen, but we’re sure that you already did a great job carefully checking all the documents. One piece of advice we can give you is to list down all your concerns and review the sent documents once again. Cross your concerns when you’ve checked that there’s nothing wrong with them!

What if you made a little oopsie? No worries! Debra Legg, an author from The Washington Post, has written this fantastic article on What to Do if You Make a Mistake on Your Job Application

#5 I’m waiting…


You wish that employers can reach back to you one day after submission, but you know that’s not the reality. Waiting for a reply can take weeks and even months! On some occasions, they might not reply at all.

Be patient. Let’s hope together that the right opportunity will reply to you at the best time. In the meantime, you can keep looking for other opportunities and apply if possible.

One more thing! Don’t forget to check your spam once in a while, just in case the system mistakes your employer for a spammer.

#6 I did it!


The best feeling ever! An employer finally reached out to you and asked for an interview. You prepared your best for the interview, and they were impressed by your awesomeness.

Congratulations, you got your dream job!


If you haven’t reached this stage, don’t be too hard on yourself. Let’s try again, shall we? You’re an amazing person with great endurance. You’ll keep trying again until you can say, “I did it!”

Final words

You’re young. You’re still green. 

Applying for a job (especially for the first time!) is an experience like a roller coaster ride. 

You feel that you have to keep your eyes peeled all the time; you then feel conflicted, confident, anxious, and full of anticipation. All of the feelings become worth it in the end when you finally get the dream job!

Don’t worry about not making it on the first try. We’re all learning from experience, so take rejections as an opportunity to grow even better! If you feel that you keep getting rejected, try to read this blog about 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying for a Job.


We hope this blog can motivate you throughout your work journey. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know if you have different moods when applying for a job. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who can relate! Click here to check our other blogs about youth employment and beyond.


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