4 reasons you should hire young people

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Youth can be a great asset to organizations that employers may tend to avoid while looking for more experienced and mature individuals. However, the job market is flooded with qualified young people searching for challenging opportunities. Our partners have highlighted several attributes that make young employees desirable to their companies:

  1. The energy they bring into the firm

Youth are more enthusiastic, energetic, and physically active, therefore they can often drive high levels of productivity by the very nature of their age, physical skill and stamina. When young people face a problem, they see it as a challenge. They really take it on and make it happen.

  1. Their ability to learn

The youth are generally more inspired to learn and easier to train, due to being passionate and eager to not only do their job, but excel in it.

  1. Their knowledge in modern technology

One of the most obvious strengths that youth have is their knowledge of modern technology. They always adopt new methods to get things done with the minimum time and efforts and the higher level of efficiency. Young employees are skillful when it comes to utilizing different computer functions and they are active in various social media platforms which may help you promote your work.

  1. Innovation

Each young person has unique strengths and big ideas. By tapping into them, you help them reach their potential and help your business grow, too.  I should admit there can be a lack in experience, however, youth make it up by bringing innovative new plans that can better fit in the current market.  Your firm needs these bright ideas and new smarter approaches of doing things to sustain in the challenging market of these days. Young people are not afraid of challenges and they are willing to drive change, providing your company with new and fresh ideas to expand.

While it is challenging to attract the youth to the ‘traditional’ environment of organizations, some work benefits can help you attract them with a high retention rate. Who knows whether these young workers will become your customers, vendors or even partners in the future?

If you want your organization to benefit from young talents, make sure to take a look at AIESEC’s internship portal.


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