Why Start-Ups are the Future of the Business?

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You are an aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to launch or be part of a Start-Up ? You’re  still hesitant whether to jump on that opportunity or not?  Well , here’s a blog to show you “Why Start-Ups are the Future of the Business?”

For a starter, let’s explain the concept of “Entrepreneurship”.

It’s basically the creation of your own business through an innovative idea and a good strategy. As it was reserved for the extremely wealthy or the foolish ambitious, in the eyes of the society, it is now a completely accepted career choice.  Whether it’s a Start-Up or a small business , you’ll be your own boss!

Actually , the Start-Ups culture is taking over the world, replacing the typical traditional workplaces that we know. Here’s why they are growing exponentially : 

1- Startups create job opportunities : 

Unemployment is one of the biggest issues governments and nations suffer from . Luckily, Start-Ups are helping to solve it. They are providing more and more job opportunities in different fields and with different expertise. This results in bigger chances of employment for everyone , even you , dear reader !

Also, they are contributing to a change of mind-sets in business. Starting a business was seen as a near-impossible task, but the current popularity of startups has changed that perspective and the stigma surrounding entrepreneurship has faded, with all the success stories of startups and their founders making the news on a daily basis.

2- Creativity : 

In almost every successful startup you find a common point, which is creative ideas

Actually , creativity is critical to entrepreneurs in order to succeed.  For example; all Start-Ups have to evolve over time as the landscape changes and required standards differ. Right then creativity kicks-in in order to enable growth and rebranding of the startup’s image .

Unlike typical companies, Start-Ups are about innovating and manifesting inventiveness in order to solve a problem in an unusual way . In fact, this originality helps generate other ideas and eventually gain more profit .

3- Economic growth :

Even though Start-Ups are small entities that need to grow, they are impacting the economy with the gained profit .

The astronomic rise of the internet has created several new markets which never existed before; it has breathed new life into sectors like shopping, travel, hospitality, education, and food, and has spawned technologies like social media. They are also ensuring the competitiveness with other companies or Start-Ups. This competitiveness results in better services and more productivity.

4- Entrepreneurs create change, even within themselves:

Entrepreneurs dream big so naturally some of their ideas will make worldwide change. They might create a new product that solves a burning problem ,or take on the challenge to explore something never explored before. Many believe in improving the world with their products, ideas or businesses. And that’s not all!

We’ve been questioning the purpose of a work life, where we have to slog for someone else’s gain solely for money, which is, incidentally, never enough, or where a collapse of economics leads to a widespread unemployment, a question which eventually culminates in the pursuit of self-fulfillment. Entrepreneurs feel that they’re doing something valuable with their lives, or at least trying to, which is more than what can be said for most of the working population.

This is why everyone, everywhere, got into entrepreneurship. Not for fame and money like everyone else might believe, but to actually solve a problem. Like Mr. Aaron Patzer, Founder of Mint, said : “You don’t start a company because you want to be an entrepreneur or the fame and glory that comes along with it. You become an entrepreneur to solve a real problem.”

Startups are meant to grow fast and help make profit by inventing modern solutions to modern problems. That’s why , if you’ve got an innovative idea all you’ve got to do is show that entrepreneur hiding inside of you. Get on board of the business world , and who knows , maybe you’ll be the next Elon Musk of our generation?

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