What makes millennials accept a job offer?

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With more than a thousand million companies and organizations created for jobs in today’s world, millennials have a harder choice to apply to certain jobs. Even more so, the trouble becomes bigger when they are faced with choosing between two job offers, judging between the two to see which one will suit them best. This choice obviously relies on certain factors, here are some of these:

  1. Personal development

Training and development are the highest factors with 65% rate from a PwC Survey. Youth would prefer a workplace which not only pays them the money for the work they do, but which also allows them room for growth and improvement. With the opportunity of personal development, millennials will feel more fulfilled towards the job offer, and will more likely welcome new experiences at the workplace. It is the unfamiliar that makes a person grow, and what better way to challenge yourself than at the place the youth will be working at, for quite a period in their life?

  1. The reputation of the organization

With 36% of results in the same survey, the youth seems to care about the condition of the company itself. Many organizations are able to impress with their past work or current profits. However, millennials say, they take much time to research on the company’s achievements and hiring processes before deciding to accept a position there. The organisation’s stability also comes into play. If it has not been steadily progressing during recent years, it is probably an unstable environment. The people working at this particular job are also taken into consideration. If the employees are known to have bad manners to customers, or are rude to people outside of the organization, chances are that the youth, who just received his or her letter of offer, may consider working at a company which has a much healthier environment.

  1. The job role

The job role comes at 24% from PwC respondents. A particular role may not always come with the perfect package, but still, millennials will think about the benefits which come with a certain job role if they are to work at a certain place for a quarter of their lives. They may be looking for health insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance, paid vacation time, and even adequate pension plans at their future job, before securing the deal. If the position does not offer additional incentives though, insurances are better than having none. Employers often cut back on the benefits that they offer to their employees, and it is no great surprise to see that millennials jump at the job opportunity which gives them any extras. If a young person is also passionate about the job role, it is more likely that he or she will take it more fervently with the included advantages in the package.

There are of course other factors that explain why a millennial would choose to accept an offer as compared to another offer. These are just the most popular to cater for, not only to employ the best among the youth, but to also keep them at your workplace for longer than a year.


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