What is employee storytelling and why does my company need it?

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Employer branding and employee value proposition have been important topics in many boardrooms in the era of the internet as millennials enter the workforce. Engaging on social media, hiring top young talent and bringing organizational purpose and vision up to date in a digitalized world are all struggles employers face.

Storytelling has become more than the sharing of past adventures around a campfire; it is a powerful tool for recruiters, salespeople and marketers alike. It can help your organizational brand reach to a new level by relating to your customers and potential employees on a personal level.

AIESEC has partnered with Husqvarna for the past five years in order to help young people gain meaningful work experience through Global Talent internships across their many hubs. Showcasing employee stories through video has been a powerful tool for both AIESEC and Husqvarna. In the following video an intern, Artur, from Brazil shares his experience.


How can your organization benefit from employee storytelling? Here are three ways you can use employee storytelling to grow your organization:

Attract top talent

Employee stories are a window into the daily routine of your organization. Showcase your organization’s working culture by letting the ones who experience it themselves share their stories. Publishing these stories on external social media and recruitment pages gives potential hires a glimpse into your organizational culture that they are searching for. Attract top talent by investing in storytelling!

Boost employee engagement

Stories of employee achievement are powerful not only for the ones having their stories shared. They are also powerful motivators for others striving to achieve and develop themselves more. Showcasing employee achievement within your organization and including it in your internal communication plan pave the way for more employee success.

Widen your reach

Good stories need to be heard, but if you don’t collect them they won’t be. Sharing employee stories on social media bring your company down to the personal level, thus making its message more compelling. Showcasing stories both within the organization and for externals are a good way to showcase achievement and widen your reach.

Employee storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used not only internally to boost employee engagement, but also to build your brand to externals and to attract new hires. It is a tool that if used right can make your company reach the next level, so use it wisely!

How can your company contribute to #ShapingGreatExperiences for young talent today? Check out partners.aiesec.org to find out more!


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