Top 7 Countries Young Volunteers Explored in 2023 with AIESEC

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Traveling in your early adult years can be one of the best activities you can do for yourself.

The benefits of traveling are endless, but to name a few:

– Traveling helps you find a better sense of yourself. By immersing yourself in a different culture and environment, you discover what makes you unique.

– It teaches you early on how to manage your money. You never know how far your money can go until you travel for more extended periods.

– Exploring the world can make you more creative. At times, you will be faced with challenges that require creativity to solve. Also, you might find inspiration for your next creation by checking out local art and music.

– Travel also develops you into a more responsible person. Not to mention an independent one. This is the quickest and most exciting way to develop your self-leadership.

And this leadership later turns into a great impulse to further impact our communities.

Our young global volunteers know these benefits and perks, so they opted to explore the world and create an impact with AIESEC.

Curious to know what the top destinations were for them in 2023? Yes?!

Let’s go!

Number 7: Thailand

Thailand is arguably one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia for young travelers for various reasons.

It is budget-friendly without compromising on quality. The locals are welcoming and accepting, and there is always something to do.

Thailand offers great experiences for everyone. Thailand truly has everything from clean and mesmerizing beaches to hiking activities, discovering tasty food, and enjoying an outstanding urban adventure.

Thailand values a well-educated population, which is not always easy, especially in rural areas.

This is why our global volunteers have chosen to focus on Quality Education and have extensively participated in the Global Classroom project. They have helped children in less developed regions deepen their English language skills, brightening their horizons in other subjects.

Number 6: Brazil

The fifth-largest country globally takes the sixth spot for the most traveled and impacted through AIESEC.

Since Brazil hosts one of the Seven Wonders of the World, namely the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

However, our volunteers were curious to explore more than just tourist hotspots. They were busy bringing smiles to people’s faces with their contributions in cities like Salvador, Fortaleza, Curitiba, and others. They encountered some of the warmest and most fun individuals along the journey. Brazilians will undoubtedly show you how to enjoy life to its fullest.

“Scale Up!” has been one of the most popular projects for our volunteers in Brazil, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Global Goal number 17, Partnerships for the Goals.

Number 5: Romania

Moving on to number 5, we have Romania.

Situated on the eastern side of Europe, Romania boasts some of the best landscapes and cuisines in the entire continent. And, of course, it’s also home to Dracula.

These factors were compelling enough to attract our global volunteers, making Romania the 5th most visited country in 2023 regarding AIESEC exchanges.

Romania is renowned for its excellent hospitality, which our global volunteers undoubtedly enjoyed. In return, they offered a helping hand in improving the quality of education through projects like Global Classroom and Fingerprint. Simultaneously, they raised awareness about our changing climate, creating more advocates to fight against climate change through the Green Leaders project.

Number 4: India

The most populous country in the world is ranked 4th in our top.

Considering all it can offer, India is where “diversity” originated. Exploring India is like exploring a thousand new countries in one.

Not only does the landscape change—from raging mountains to deserts to tropical beaches—but so do the people, languages, and food, each with its own distinction.

Sadly, our 6 to 8-week exchange program doesn’t offer enough time to visit even 1% of India.

However, our global volunteers live the experience to the fullest in every place they have activated.

Curious to know which Sustainable Global Goal they contributed to?

While India offers a variety of causes and projects, some of the projects that stood out were Skill Up! and Heartbeat.

Number 3: Sri Lanka

In our top 3, we have Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

What makes Sri Lanka so attractive is the lush green nature, present at every step, the warm and welcoming people, and the diverse array of animals, including leopards, macaques, Sri Lankan spiny mice, and elephants.

Behind the beautiful scenery lie the hard-working and dedicated people putting effort into improving the country and protecting nature. That’s why most of our global volunteers joined forces with them in projects like “On the Map” to develop young people’s skills further and “Aquatica,” a project dedicated to protecting marine life.

Number 2: Egypt

For our second place, we have Egypt, and rightfully so.

The land of ancient civilization is a rich source of history and culture. Traveling around the country located along the Nile is like traveling through time.

There is a paradise beneath the waves, but you can also enjoy breathtaking beaches, bustling cities, and an endless desert with hidden gems on land.

The country is full of exciting adventures, which most global volunteers experience. They combined exploring the country with “Explorer,” the project that supports Sustainable Development Goal #4 by promoting skills like mathematics, intercultural communication, and teamwork in natural settings through creative learning methods.

Other popular projects in Egypt are “On the Map” and “Global Classroom.”

Number 1: Turkey

And now, to our top destination in 2023, Turkey!

We are unsurprised to find Turkey at the top; it is a magnet for people.

Turkey has its advantages, making it attractive to young people. It is budget-friendly and located in the middle of Europe and Asia. It also offers great accessibility.

Turkish people are often described as very friendly and welcoming. On top of that, they prepare one of the best cuisines in the world.

Our young volunteers worldwide weren’t just attracted by the beauty of the country but also by their cause.

In 2023, Turkey offered various projects to improve education quality, including Youth 4 Impact, Global Classroom, and Fingerprint. To reduce inequalities, volunteers could choose to impact the community through the Equify project.

And that’s a wrap!

These were the top 7 countries global volunteers traveled to and impacted the most. Let us know if you’d like us to deep-dive more into one of the countries or projects.

We are excited to see which countries and territories will become the most popular destinations for 2024. Who knows, maybe the country you choose to volunteer in will make it on the list.

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