The Power of Youth Leadership

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Hi there! I’m assuming you are reading this article from any kind of device you had to charge before so it can function, right? Electricity – simple thing that allowed you to do so, and yet, not that simple and accessible to everybody on our planet to take it for granted. Anyway, this article is not about the importance of electricity in our lives and how we should treat it with responsibility. You can perceive it as a little intro to the powerful story you are about to hear – the one from Enrique, Brazilian who went to India. And trust me, stories like this one make you believe that literally, EVERYTHING is possible if you apply a little courage and if you care enough to start acting.

“I was in India during January and February of 2015. When I arrived at the orphanage, I was shocked, because of what I saw there.

Of course, I was waiting for a totally different reality in every aspect, but I couldn’t avoid the shock I got the first moment. At the end of my first day of work there, me and other volunteers discovered that orphanage had financial problems and they didn’t have resources to pay the electricity bills. Because of that, the might have been closed.

It was that exact moment when we decided we could do so much more. We made a video, created an event on Facebook and started engaging our friends in the cause. We talked to as many people as possible and got donations that were equal to the 170 times more than the price of the electricity bills.

Before I left the orphanage, we gave the money to the owner and at that moment I saw the power of a youth leadership and I’m sure that was one of the happiest moments of my life.”

We know you also can make an impact on the lives of other people. That is why every year we create thousands of opportunities like the one Henrigue went through for you:


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