The more things change, the more they stay the same

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Somebody once told me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. At some level, it might be true. We change our clothes, we try some new cuisine, even get a new haircut. However, we are still the same person.

Looking back on every detail we’ve changed on our daily life, do we feel comfortable with that? Or are we just too afraid to make a real change in our life?

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect and most of us aren’t satisfied with our current life. There is always that one thing we want to improve.


We might be too scared to transform ourselves enough that we may not recognize the person in front of the mirror. But let me make us a question: when you see yourself in the mirror do you still see the same as when you were born?

Most certainly you don’t and that is because the only constant in our life is change. As much as we can try to avoid it, it has always been there and always will be.

What if we begin to accept as something inevitable? What if we start using change as some kind of leverage?

We don’t need to start big, but we have to do it significantly. It won’t matter if we change our address by moving to another country if we still the same nefarious attitude towards, well, everything.

We can start small and still make a big change, maybe saying thanks when you get your coffee in the shop, or welcome a more helping nature by just taking the time to help someone pick up what they just dropped by accident.

I’m certain you can come up with more ideas (big or small, it doesn’t matter). As long as you alter something to make the world better, it counts.

Life is a journey, but what matters most is the journey and not only the goal itself. And, considering that, we should see change as the steps we take during that journey.

Are you brave enough to do it?  


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