How To Take Action for a Cause With AIESEC?

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Living in 2024 comes with its own set of challenges.

Inflation, wars, climate change, violence, discrimination, injustice, lack of education and access to resources, and, and, and… The list can go on.

In this sea of challenges humanity faces, choosing what to fight for and how can be complicated or overwhelming. Where to even start?

The good part is that there are just as many options as issues. We cannot list all of them, but we can indeed list the options you can find within AIESEC. Hopefully, you find a good starting point for your journey of fighting for the causes you care about most. 

In this article, we will explore 4 of the options you can take with AIESEC to improve the community around you and in the world: 

1. Global Volunteer

Our Global Volunteer program is arguably our most impactful program. For 6 to 8 weeks, volunteers worldwide meet to create more awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals or to work to improve one of the issues directly.

Our volunteer programs are designed with one of the SDGs in mind, and it’s an exciting way to see and impact the world since all of our projects are happening abroad.

Is Global Volunteer for you?

Global Volunteer (GV) is for you if you have 6 to 8 weeks free from University or work, a valid passport, and the means to cover your flight costs and fees financially.

It is also for you if you are interested in a global issue, come with a high dose of enthusiasm and curiosity for other cultures, and don’t mind meeting new people since your project will require you to work with other volunteers worldwide.

2. Global Teacher

Through our Global Teacher program, your primary activity is to improve education in your chosen community. Most available roles require you to teach a second language since an additional language can help children in neglected areas find better opportunities later in life. But it doesn’t have to be strictly about languages. Math, science, and even arts can be a way to widen the children’s horizons.

At the same time, you can develop and grow as a human by living for at least 9 weeks in a foreign country. The program stretches up to 18 months.

Is Global Teacher for you?

If teaching is one of your passions, and you have at least 9 weeks free of other responsibilities and the possibility to cover your travel costs and fee, then yes!

3. World Largest Lesson

World Largest Lesson is an initiative created by Project Everyone and UNICEF to teach children and young people about the Global Goals. This initiative is accessible in and outside AIESEC.

It’s a one-day event where participants can talk about the SDGs in front of a classroom, sparking curiosity in the children eager to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals.

No worries. Before the classroom presentation, you will receive a short training session with all the information you have to deliver and how to give it.

Is World Largest Lesson for you?

If time is not on your side, but you still want to make an impact and don’t fear public speaking (or even if you do, it’s a great practice!), yes. 

4. Youth Speak Forum

Last but not least, Youth Speak Forum. Since 2016, AIESEC organizes Youth Speak Forum periodically. It’s a one or 2-day event where you can join industry professionals, NGO representatives, and other changemakers to engage in a dialogue about current trends in the world and how to contribute positively.

You get to attend workshops, keynotes, panels, and more. This will equip you with more knowledge and provide clear action steps to approach global challenges.

Is Youth Speak Forum for you?

If you have a busy schedule, Youth Speak Forum can be a great way to still act upon issues. Your presence and the ideas you shared during this event could potentially become the solution your community was waiting for.

Youth Speak Forums are also happening in March and April, so keep an eye on them to take advantage of the opportunity! 

Bottom line

We at AIESEC have made it our mission to engage and develop every young person globally. For this to happen, we tried to accommodate different availabilities so that nothing can stop you from leaving a positive footprint.

Not all programs are available in every area, so we recommend contacting your local AIESEC chapter to find out which opportunity you can take.

When volunteering with AIESEC, you aren’t just creating change through AIESEC but also through the United Nations and other NGOs and partners that are our allies in this continuous improvement journey for the world. 


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