Unlocking Happiness: Stop Wondering, Start Loving Yourself

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In the bustling journey of life, we often find ourselves tangled in the web of ‘what ifs.’ What if I had chosen a different path? What if I had made a different decision? While seemingly harmless, these questions can often lead to a spiral of self-doubt and regret.

With the era of the internet and social media, it has become almost impossible not to compare yourself to other’s achievements and looks. But what if, instead of dwelling on the past and current comparison, we embrace this moment and start to love ourselves today? 

Here is how: 

The danger of overthinking

First and foremost, you must be aware of what causes dissatisfaction. Most likely, it is caused by beating yourself up for thinking you are not good or worthy enough of certain things. 

Think of a moment you gave up on the idea of even trying because you felt inadequate. 

You didn’t invite that person on a date because you felt you were too ugly. Or you didn’t raise your voice during a meeting because you thought your ideas were invalid. 

The problem is that overthinking creates an endless cycle of stress and worry that will make you feel less prepared, motivated, and confident. And for no good reason, you will fail since there is no evidence. 

The path to start loving yourself

To counter-attack those beliefs, try using logic. Stop asking for a moment, “What if my idea does not make sense.”

And instead, try asking, “What evidence do I have?”

What proves your idea is invalid if it was never brought to the table? 

What evidence do you have that the person you want to ask out thinks you are unattractive? And are you indeed unattractive, or is it simply yourself thinking it?

It can also help if you are surrounded by different opportunities and an environment that promotes a positive outlook on taking action. 

The goodbye to regret and resentment

And now, once you realize how unrealistic it is to put all the extra burden on yourself to be perfect. Allow yourself just to be you. 

Every decision you’ve made, every path you’ve chosen, has led you to where you are today. 

Every mistake you made in the past has taught you something. Consider writing down all the moments you believe you failed. Give them next, a positive outcome. 

Example: “I failed to communicate my idea. -> This made me curious to learn how to communicate better so that I will communicate my ideas better in the future.”

The bottom line

Love is all around us. We, as AIESEC, are sending that love towards you. 

Time may be relative, but it is finite from the perspective of life. Imagine starting to love yourself around the time you are 90. It still would be fantastic, for sure. But why wait until then to see how wonderful you are? When, in this very moment, you are the youngest you’ll ever be and the wisest so far? Volunteer, seek to improve your skills, and discover your strengths. You can do it with AIESEC or any other opportunity ahead. But the most important element is to stop wondering, “What if.”


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