The Solution To All Your Problems Begins With YOU

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More often than not we’re stuck with countless problems in our life; some having to do with our personal and some with professional. Sometimes it is communication with someone that gets out of hand, sometimes it’s the plans we make that fail, sometimes it’s the simplest of the ideas that we brew that do not work out.

I have a question today. Why is it that we tend to focus so much on the misery of the problem than the problem itself? It is the disappointment we go through in problematic situations that is the number one reason why we start stressing rather than finding a solution. And well tell me, does it seem right?

Thomas Edison, too, did not get his invention right in his first attempt. Charlie Chaplin was initially rejected by Hollywood. Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of imagination. Sigmund Freud was booed from the stadium when he presented his ideas. If failure was such a demotivation, how did all of these people really manage to fight the odds?

It takes me back to one of my favourite quote from Sumner Redstone “Great Success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.” It is not the easy going phases of life that we really learn anything from. The solution to all our problems is found when there’s an understanding that the problem exists for YOU to find a way out. When you start focusing on why the problem exists and believe that your internal locus is responsible for everything that happens around you is when you start finding solutions. And has there been any better leadership seen than to find solution orientation in a person.

Starting from the attitude to judging our problems and then making creative solutions around it in order to be able to lead efficiently is a quality we’re all aiming for. No matter what others tell you, no matter how bad the situation looks like, if you really want to solve it then it all starts with YOU. So don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be scared of trials, don’t be afraid of the problems, you know you can find solutions for it as long as you’re thinking you can and that will make all the difference.


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