Skype Interview Tips that You Need to Know

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Skype interview preparations are not too much of a hectic. Yours is almost done. You’ve gone through all the steps, and it’s the day. There’s only one more step to take care of to get to your position: the Skype interview! This blog is about Skype interview tips. Today, most of the companies prefer video interviews as compared to face-to-face ones in order to recruit their employees. People often get nervous for their Skype interviews, specifically first-time Skypers. Some Do not worry. Follow our steps on 6 need-to-know tips before your skype interview mentioned below.

Read on.

1. Pick a Professional Username

Yes, we know that you already know how important it is to pick a professional username, but let us remind you again. Skype allows users to search you by your first and last name. So preferably your username should consist of your first name and your last name. Keep it professional; nothing unusual.

2. Timing is Everything

No one loves to wait. Interviewers hate it when people are late to their interviews! Most probably your interviewer will be interviewing for hours and will have another interview after yours. So don’t challenge their tolerance and be on time. Otherwise, they’ll be willing to finish your interview immediately without evaluating you and moving on to the other applicant.  

3. Dress to Impress

Now you might try and ease yourself into the interview with a dress shirt, tie (for guys), and PJs! Here’s a suggestion: Don’t do it. Even if you’re not planning to stand up, you might be asked to. Also, dressing up all the way through will help you get used to the interview environment and that of the workplace. You’ll collect extra points with your appearance easily. Appearances matter.

4. Choose the Right Background

Another Skype Interview Tip. Make sure that you choose the right background to do your interview. You can pick a white, light wall. Just ensure that there are no distractions. Also, there should be proper lighting which allows the interviewer to see your face. Remember that your interviewer will be able to see everything behind you being covered by the reach of your web cam.

5. Check Your Devices and Be Prepared for Tech Glitches

You must have already tested your camera, microphone and all the other devices that you’ll use during the interview. Moreover, you should be prepared for unexpected technical glitches. Instead of panicking, choose saying ‘’excuse me’’ to excuse yourself and properly handle a device gone awry or at least act solution-oriented-ly. Also, make sure you are either logged on early or know your password and username at the time of going into the interview exactly when time. The thing with Skype is, people don’t use it as much and you must not, either? People forget their usernames and passes. Chances are you have forgotten your credentials, too.

Prepare for this!

6. Eliminate Disturbances

It cannot be stressed enough how important this interview is. All the more reason for your over-curious sister, your noisy roomie or your fluffy cat to take it all in! However, you need to eliminate all kinds of disturbances before the call if you don’t want your sinister sibling, your pain of a roommate or your feline friend to ruin it for you.

Bonus Tip: Prepare Yourself for all the Possible Questions

It may not be possible to guess functional questions. But, you can always be prepared for the common questions such as: “Tell us about yourself,’’ or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” They can also ask you: Why should we hire you? Or: Why do you want this job? Being prepared for all these questions will make you much more relaxed while you’re answering them.

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One final thing! We would be happy to hear your interview memories and suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a comment below!


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