Reasons for high employee turnover with the youth

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Companies around the globe are facing high employee turnover, especially among the youth. But what are the possible reasons behind this?

High employee turnover can be due to the youth leaving their current company because they have found a better position at another company. The new position may be more attractive to them; offering more money or having other positive benefits than the current one. The youth nowadays lean more towards finding better opportunities, and if a company cannot offer this to them, they will leave.

This is because the paradigm has moved from the previous generation to the 2000’s. The millennial generation want fulfilment from employers. The economic system has made it as such, due to the reality of having small salary amounts on entry level jobs, the fierce educational competition amongst graduates, and fewer job prospects in the job market.

Young employees often voluntarily leave jobs where they feel bored or where they are not engaged enough. High-performing youngsters have to feel that their needs are being taken care of, that they can work towards a clear vision, and feel professionally challenged. If those pumped-up youth feel stuck at their current workplace, they will most definitely seek a new one, with better ventures where they feel they are growing.

Internal conflicts with supervisors or colleagues can also be a cause for concern. The majority of youth nowadays face tremendous pressure from their superiours, and are even coerced into doing jobs that are either not part of their job portfolios, or jobs for which they are underpaid. This pressure might arise because of the generation gap existing from the previous generations, to the way of living of millennial youngsters.

Adaptability is thus key in preventing the youth from leaving a company. By understanding the common reasons for high employee turnover with the youth, companies will deal with their young employees more conscientiously and efficiently manage their businesses to prevent such disasters from ever occurring.


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