Personalizing the employee experience

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Gone are the days where employees are treated as just one simple group. Numerous companies want to hire millennials as employees and want to figure out how best to keep them satisfied. One of the ways they can do that is through the ‘personalization’ of their employee experience. There are many reasons why this is a phenomenon, the main idea is that millennials have had the opportunity to be flexible according to how they have to study. In college and university they have the option to study electives, minors, choose times to study, study online through webinars, go on exchange abroad etc. This flexibility in their lives has created a trend that makes them prefer to work in an organization that understands such trends.

According to a Mercer study of 400+ executives, 5400+ employees and 1700+ HR professionals, employees want to now have a wholesome experience when they are working within a work environment. These are practices that aim to focus on employees such that they feel like they are personally being satisfied during their work experience within the organization. So how can an organization provide such an environment which fosters personalization of the employee experience?

Digitalization of their experience

Digitalization is one of the current trends for all generations. However, most technology is learned by millennials and later generations. Companies need to find better methods to engage their employees through the use of technology. Dupont is an MNC with 65 000 employees with operations in 70 countries and DuPont’s HR team decided to personalize their employees experience through the use of technology as it would be too much work for the team to do it for such a large company. They invested in core cloud technology in order to keep their employees’ information to be able to access their own personal information.

Collaborate with Real Estate

Most work environments are made for extroverts and are open floor spaces in a building. Companies need to recognize that employees are different and that they have numerous needs. Collaborating with real estate in order to see how best to create an environment that is safe and comfortable for different personalities and addition, the company must think about how their real estate creates an environment that fosters the work culture they want to have within the company.

Focus on team development

While it is good to focus on the individual and their development, part of their experience is within the team that they work in and companies should not forget this. Since it’s part of their experience companies should make it their goal to put their lens on team performance rather than just the individual. This can be done by using part of the compensation system to be based on the team and their performance. Team members are able to influence how much you earn according to how you have been performing within the team. This is just a small part of the employees’ compensation.

Foster strong relationships

Prioritize getting to know your employees more. Do not just see your employees as just that, employees. Employers should get to know their employees on a more personal level in an appropriate way. This could be done by having lunch together, having team activities which are not directly related to work, organizing team trips and parties. On an individual level, you could focus on finding out more about their hobbies, family dynamics, and personal achievements. Showing interest in the employee will make them feel important as long as you do it in a responsible manner.

There are many other methods that can be used in understanding millennials. If you need assistance in such methods and how to do it find out more from here.


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