Nurturing Future Leaders: Tips for Young Professionals to Enhance Their Leadership Abilities:

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AIESEC is more than simply volunteerism and cultural exchange; it’s also a terrific place for young people to learn about business and obtain valuable experience that will help them thrive in their future careers. 

This picture from International Congress 2021, taken at the AI Team Office in Montreal, Canada.

Here are six ways AIESEC can assist you in doing so:

1/Participate in an AIESEC Local Committee:

International Presidence Meeting,Tunisia 2019

Young people can enhance their leadership, management, and organizational abilities in a practical and hands-on manner by joining an AIESEC local committee. Here are some specifics on how this procedure operates.

Working with a group of like-minded people

As a member of an AIESEC local committee, you will collaborate with a group of individuals who share your enthusiasm for positively impacting the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your network, make new friends, and hone your collaboration abilities.

Increasing your leadership abilities

One of the primary advantages of joining a local AIESEC committee is the chance to strengthen your leadership abilities. You may have the opportunity to assume a leadership position within the committee, such as project manager or chair. This can aid in the development of abilities including delegation, decision-making, and communication.

Organizing occasions and handling finances

As a member of an AIESEC local committee, you may design and execute events such as cultural fairs, lecture series, and fundraising activities. This can assist you develop event organizing, marketing, and public relations abilities. You may also have the opportunity to manage the committee’s funds and budget, which can help you improve financial management and budgeting abilities.

Donating to a deserving cause

Joining a local AIESEC committee is not just about skill development, but also about making a positive effect on the world. By working with AIESEC, you will become a part of a global network of young people dedicated to bringing about constructive change in their communities and beyond.

2/Take part in the AIESEC Global Talent program:

Participation in AIESEC’s Global Talent program is a terrific method for young people to obtain international experience and contribute to the success of global businesses. Below are further details about how the program operates:

Finding an appropriate position

To join in the Global Talent program, you must discover an assignment that corresponds with your talents and interests. AIESEC provides a variety of options in fields like marketing, information technology, finance, and more, so you are certain to find something that matches your skills.

Working on temporary projects

The Global Talent program entails performing short-term tasks for international businesses. Depending on the company’s needs and the abilities required for the position, these assignments often run between 6 weeks and 18 months.

Obtaining valuable global experience

You have the opportunity to earn valuable foreign experience by participating in the Global Talent program, which can be a significant advantage in today’s global job market. You will have the opportunity to work in different countries, learn about diverse business cultures, and expand your global network of contacts.

Increasing your talents and expertise

Working on short-term projects for a range of companies can be a fantastic opportunity to expand your skills and expertise in numerous fields. You will have the opportunity to work on real-world business problems, hone your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, and gain insight from seasoned experts in your sector.

Helping to the success of international enterprises

By participating in the Global Talent program, you will significantly contribute to the development of international businesses. Your experience and talents can assist businesses in achieving their objectives, while your foreign viewpoint can add new ideas and perspectives to their operations.

3/ Participate in AIESEC conferences and events:

This picture was taken in at international congress in Colombia 2017

During the year, AIESEC organizes a number of conferences and other events with the goal of giving young people the best possible chance to learn, develop, and make connections with their peers. For further information on the advantages of attending these gatherings, please see:

Possibilities for networking

Young people from all around the world with an interest in business, leadership, and making a positive social effect convene at AIESEC conferences and events. If you go to these gatherings, you can meet others who have similar goals and interests to you. You never know who you might meet or who could be interested in working with you on a future project through this method.

Knowledge Acquired from Pros in the Field

At AIESEC gatherings, professionals in the field regularly provide presentations and seminars to attendees, allowing them to learn from their peers and the experts who have come before them. Leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation are just some of the subjects that can be discussed at these events, and attendees may also pick up some useful tips on how to stay on top of the current business trends.

Taking in some new, instructive information

Participating in AIESEC conferences and other events is a great way to gain insight into current topics and trends on a worldwide scale. Sustainability, social impact, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are common themes at these events, providing excellent opportunities to expand your knowledge of and empathy for the world’s most pressing concerns.

Cultivating your expertise and knowledge

Leadership, communication, and project management are just some of the abilities that may be honed at AIESEC events’ many training sessions and workshops. The skills you learn and the experience you receive from participating in these sessions will serve you well in any future endeavors.

Laughing it up!

To round things off, AIESEC conferences and events are frequently planned to be enjoyable and interactive, with social and cultural events and opportunity to learn about and experience new things. In this way, your time spent at these gatherings might be one you look back on with fondness and delight.

4/Participate in the entrepreneurial projects of AIESEC:

AIESEC provides a variety of entrepreneurship programs designed to assist young people in developing their entrepreneurial abilities and positively impacting society. Here are some further details regarding how these initiatives will benefit you:

Startup development

The entrepreneurship projects of AIESEC provide support and tools to young people interested in launching their own businesses. This includes access to mentorship, training, and funding options that will assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Through this process, you will receive significant company development experience and learn essential skills such as marketing, business strategy, and fundraising.

Strategic planning

The entrepreneurial activities of AIESEC also provide materials and assistance to young people interested in enhancing their company planning abilities. This offers training on areas such as market research, financial management, and strategy formulation, as well as access to mentorship and opportunities for networking.

Social impact

The entrepreneurship projects of AIESEC are intended to enhance social impact and generate significant change. By engaging in these efforts, you will have the chance to build businesses and projects that have a beneficial impact on society, whether by tackling environmental challenges, promoting social justice, or enhancing access to education and healthcare.

Cooperative effort and networking

The entrepreneurship projects of AIESEC give chances for young people to interact and network with others interested in entrepreneurship and social impact. This can be an excellent approach to identify potential business partners, mentors, and supporters, as well as to learn from others and obtain new insights.

Personal expansion

Participation in the entrepreneurial activities of AIESEC can be a transforming experience that aids in the development of your personal and professional abilities. By taking on the challenge of growing a startup or producing social impact, you will acquire resiliency, creativity, and problem-solving skills that can be applied in a variety of contexts.

5/Volunteer with the community development projects of AIESEC:

World’s Largest Lesson – Asia Pacific Conference, Thailand

Volunteering with AIESEC’s community development programs is an excellent approach to improve society while gaining useful skills and experience. Here are some further details about the benefits of volunteering:

Community service

The community development programs of AIESEC are intended to solve local social and economic challenges. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with community residents and local organizations to identify issues and develop solutions if you volunteer for these projects. This can help you enhance your communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities, as well as your capacity to collaborate with varied groups of individuals.

Project management

Volunteering for AIESEC’s community development programs might enhance your project management abilities. You will have the chance to plan and execute projects, including setting objectives, developing schedules, and managing resources. This might be a great experience for anyone interested in pursuing a career in project management or nonprofit administration.


Community development efforts of AIESEC frequently require donations to sustain their initiatives. By volunteering for these organizations, you will have the chance to enhance your fundraising skills, such as identifying possible donors, creating fundraising plans, and implementing fundraising campaigns. This might be a beneficial experience for anyone interested in a career in fundraising or development for nonprofit organizations.

Social impact

Volunteering for AIESEC’s community development projects can be gratifying, since you will have a beneficial influence on society. Whether you work on a project to enhance access to education, solve environmental challenges, or promote social justice, you will contribute to a better society and help make lasting change.

Personal expansion

Volunteering with AIESEC’s community development programs can be a personally and professionally transformational experience. By accepting the challenge of making a positive impact on society, you will develop the resiliency, empathy, and problem-solving skills that will serve you in all aspects of life.

6/Joining the alumni network of AIESEC

For young professionals just starting out, connecting with other AIESEC alums can be a great asset. Continuing on with the benefits of joining the network, we have…


The ability to connect with other AIESEC alums from all over the world is a major perk of being a part of the organization’s global alumni network. If you want to work abroad or in a specific field, this can be extremely helpful. You’ll be able to network with experts in your field who share your passions and can advise you on how to navigate the job market and your career options.

Employment prospects

The vast network of former AIESEC members is another excellent way to find employment. As a member of the alumni association, you will have access to job listings and other career services. In addition, you may be able to network with successful former students who are now leaders in your chosen industry.

Career advancement

Workshops, training sessions, and mentoring programs are just some of the resources available through the AIESEC alumni network. Learn new techniques and keep up with the most recent developments in your field with the aid of these courses. You might also get the chance to act as a mentor to current AIESEC members, assisting them in expanding their horizons and developing their abilities.

Improvement of oneself

Participating in AIESEC’s alumni network can be a rewarding way to make connections and get professional and personal development opportunities. You can meet other people who care deeply about making a difference in the world, just as you do. Moreover, you may be invited to join initiatives and projects run by former students that aim to improve society and the environment.

In sum, AIESEC is a great place for young people to learn about the business world, create connections, and make a difference in the world. You can improve your chances of future professional achievement by seizing these openings.


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