New year, better me!

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When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we’ll all (most likely) will begin to hear (and see on social media) people use the old phrase “new year, new me”.While New Year brings new memories and possibilities, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to change everything about who we are. It’s not exactly a new you, but a better version of yourself, a “You 2.0”.

I normally hear the usual “I’m going to start eating healthier,” line when you ask others their New Year’s resolution. That’s a great goal to have, but if you’re going to be a better version of yourself, there are a lot more important issues you need to focus on. It’s vital to start on things that are inside of us!


There’s always room for improvement, and you will never stop growing as a person. It’s easy to say, “Maybe next year,” but why not now? Why not be a better version of ourselves every day of our lives? Why should we wait until New Year to want to grow? You already know what you want to change about yourself, so make every day of the year the moment you actually do it. Make this day the moment you no longer need the excuse of the New Year to improve yourself.

May this be a year of growth and joy, full of lessons and challenges that will help you take every day as an opportunity to make a change. Don’t take any moment for granted and give purpose to every action you take. Aim high and you’ll thrive.

Start improving yourself instead of waiting and making up excuses. The world needs more people believing in themselves and trusting they have everything to make a difference, whether it’s big or small. Happy new year and make “You 2.0” the best version of yourself so far!



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