New era requires new skills

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Electrolux was recently named as a Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute which globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. We received particular recognition for our talent management and leadership skills. We are always on the look-out for new talent from diverse backgrounds who are keen to be trained and developed into our future leaders and who in return can bring a valued millennial perspective to the company.

Finding, recruiting and developing the best talent is an absolute priority for us. We pride ourselves on having built a company culture that helps our employees develop themselves both personally and professionally. But finding the right talent, with the right skills, and also the right cultural fit isn’t always easy, and managing talents is a crucial challenge at a time when the fast-changing global job market is in the midst of digital transformation.

As Pascale Gimenez (our Electrolux Human Resources & Organization, Major Appliances for Europe, Middle East and Africa) puts it: “The competition for talent is tough. It’s very important to look at how we are perceived as an employer, as applicants want to know what kind of company they’re joining, what the culture is and how they will be empowered. Digital transformation certainly requires different jobs, different business needs, and different skills to the ones we have demanded in the past. However, the most important consideration for us at Electrolux is the competencies and behaviors we believe are essential for our employees. We look for people who have a certain level of curiosity, adaptability, and mental agility, so that they can adapt to both current and future challenges. It’s also essential that our employees are consumer-focused since our relationship with customers is crucial to our ongoing success.”

At Electrolux, our partnership with AIESEC is a core part of our strategy for finding future leaders. We believe that AIESEC talents already have the right attitudes, energy, and agility for our organization. They are open for new challenges and learn quickly. These are the core competencies that we look for in any leader within Electrolux.

Once a new intern arrives at one of our global offices, they are set challenging tasks and trusted with their work. Our internships are not about work experience or entry-level positions — we take on interns as product and business managers. The goal is to develop a person’s skills over their year-long internship so that they can quickly add value to our business. We have a high retention rate – in 2016, 80 per cent of AIESEC interns at Electrolux were offered jobs at the end of the program.

“The number of AIESEC interns who stay on at Electrolux is proof that we are already getting things right, and that we must continue to nurture our successful and rewarding partnership,” says Valeria Balasteguim, VP HR Global Talent Management.

“I’m convinced that AIESEC can continue gifting us with future leaders, and I can’t wait to meet them.”


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