Never too late to start

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“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

These moments arrive through our life. The moment to think about what we have done, where we stand and where we want to go. Sometimes we feel that something is missing. Sometimes we realize we are not where we said we would be. Today we want to share you three thoughts about new starts:

Inputs equals to outputs

It is common to compare our skills with others and realize that we are not at the level on that specific skill. What we do not see is all the effort, time and discipline behind. Inputs equals to outputs. What we give is what we get. If you want to achieve certain level at any skill it will require you to invest and prioritize. Skills can be obtained at any point of our lives and age is never an excuse. Do not let noise make you take alternative paths from the one you want.

Have fear of the fear to do something

What determines what we are afraid of? Why it results easy for us to do certain things while others causes fear? Overcoming fear can be hard to do but it is just an illusion created in our minds. Having fear of the fear to do something refers to not letting your mind overcome your spirit. Setting the worst and the best scenario and what is more probably going to happen. If fear is paralyzing you from achieving your goals, understand that it is the only thing that is separating you from your goal.

We are made of the same materials

We are all made of the same materials and everyone can achieve what others have done. Passion and hard work is all what you need. Excuses will come and go but the reality is that when you set yourself to achieve something and you really want it… eventually it will be yours. Do not be afraid of becoming who you aspire in your life.

We can always have a new life resolution. It is not mandatory to stay the same forever. If there is something you feel is missing in your life… go get it. Work hard and do not fear to do something. Your biggest regrets will be those things you did not do and the dreams you did not pursue.

 When will you start?

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