Why you need innovative new hires

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Bob Iger said it best: “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” Without these two the company dies. And we have seen the demise or suffering of numerous companies because they refused to innovate. Examples of companies that did not innovate in time are Blockbuster, Symbion, and MySpace ended up being replaced by Netflix, Android, and Facebook respectively. These, (Blockbuster, Symbion, and MySpace) are the biggest known examples that led to an evolution in how current economies are running. Now that you know the bad side of not being an innovative company, let’s see why you need to hire innovative hires. That is, what benefits do you gain other than keeping your company alive.

  • Creativity helps to calm customers

One of the difficult parts that companies have to face is satisfying their customers. If you have employees who think ‘outside the box’, they come up with ideas that help difficult/complaining customers. In addition, they also create products and services that are relevant and satisfy customers. Employees who offer better solutions keep the company ahead of the pack.

  • Innovativeness attaches trust and commitment

Innovative employees don’t just stick to the norm but always look for different opportunities. They always go the extra mile when they have been any task within your company. This means that they show more commitment to the company. Their commitment makes them trustworthy. Innovative employees show proactivity, commitment and are trustworthy. What more would you need from an employee?

  • It creates the company’s culture

Having hires that are not conventional creates a working culture that is positive. The company benefits from the above-mentioned advantages. In addition, an increase in engagement between staff members, interaction, team bonding and collaboration, and staff morale. This goes to show that your company’s culture gets a boost in the culture.

  • A broader outlook

There is something interesting about innovative people. They look at the world differently than analytic thinkers. Analytic thinkers analyze a situation and arrive at a conclusion and it is usually similar to another analytical thinker. An innovative thinker always looks at the problem in a broader sense and no two creative thinkers come up with the same solution. This diversity in solving issues provides the ability to have numerous ways to look at fixing problems.

  • They are flexible

Because of thinking ‘outside the box’ innovators tend to be flexible and adaptable in any environment. They are open to new experiences and adapt to these environments. This is really advantageous to your company because if you hope to relocate your company or open a new branch in another country innovators are open to moving and expanding with you.

As you notice creatives or innovative people are solution-oriented, world citizens, self-aware, and they empower others. If you are looking for such people to join your organization or need help finding such people, find them by clicking here.



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