Attending an Online Event for the First Time? Here Are Some Mistakes to Avoid

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Congratulations on signing up for your first online event!  While an online event might not be a perfect substitute for the “real” one, a virtual event can save you tons of money and is surprisingly better for the environment.

First times could be scary. You might be thinking of many things that could go wrong during this experience. Worry not! We have compiled a list of mistakes you need to avoid during an online event so you can prepare yourself properly.

Waking up too late

Does your event start at 10? Waking up at 9:55 sounds nice, right? Wrong. Waking up a few minutes before the event might ruin your concentration during the early sessions. If you wake up a few hours earlier, you will have time to prepare a nice breakfast, do light exercises, and even watch a movie before the session starts. This way, your mind will be ready to retain information when you attend the session, even if the agenda starts later in the day.

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Not preparing a notebook

Preparing a notebook may sound very 20th-century for the modern world. A digital notebook would do just fine! Writing a note during an event can help you concentrate more and help you keep the information that the speakers have shared. So unless you have a super memory, prepare a notebook!

Being on your phone all the time

Nowadays, it’s normal to be on our phones all the time, even when we’re attending an event. If possible, you can try installing mobile applications like Forest to help you to stay off the phone and focus more on the session. Moreover, It’s a way to show your respect towards the speakers who have prepared the materials for you.

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Staying silent

Unmuting your microphone does feel scary, especially when it’s your first time attending an online event. However, try to eliminate this fear. Remember that this event is a space for you to grow in public speaking too. Gather your bravery, then speak up when there’s a space to share your opinion.

Not socializing with other participants

This is your chance to meet new amazing people! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to other participants. When you’re lucky, you can meet people from your major and build connections with them. Also, who knows if you will meet your future best friend through this event? You don’t have to wait for the pandemic to end to get new connections.

Skipping meals

Sometimes a session can get so intense that you don’t want to get up and grab a meal, but this is a big mistake. You have to stick to your eating schedule to avoid feeling hungry and ruin your concentration! While you’re at it, you can prepare snacks to eat during the sessions as well.

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