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Do you like numbers? Well, I hope you do, because we’re about to do some math.

Are you aware that 2017 is coming to an end in exactly 43 days? 1032 hours to be even more precise. I’ll stop here and won’t count the minutes because the bigger the number seems, the less are the chances of you getting out there and do something about it.

About what? you might ask.

The thing is that up until this point I looked back to the beginning of the year, to the vision I had of how it would look like at this point. Needless to say, I felt disappointed and a bit depressed. Doing the math of how many goals I reached over these 322 days left me with a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

However, it is not the fault of math that those feelings overcame me. Neither can I say that I was lazy – stuff just came up, as it might happen in your life or anyone else’s.

Too much math

At this point, after reading all of this, you probably feel unmotivated. That’s okay, but it’s not fair to let the feeling dominate you because, then, you would be consciously leaving something unfinished. I cannot settle for this kind of math, where the results are always negative, and you shouldn’t either!

The time is not in our favor, but our will is. To take the first step in adding up to your goals you don’t need to have 364 days left, 1 of the 1032 hours will do. You just need to know how to manage it.

Now, think again about all of those promises you made to yourself in the beginning of the year and let’s get real with the math. You want to be healthier? No problem, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends doing 300 minutes per week to achieve it, that’s only 5 hours per week. You want to watch that movie you didn’t catch at the movie theater? That’s okay too, since the longest movie is 48 hours, that still would leave you with 41 days to achieve some more.

Time for the serious math…

serious math

Do those activities take too long? You can actually do activities that take 1 minute or less that can make a difference. Again, let’s use math to figure out how many things you can get done in those 1032 hours: we multiply 60 x 1032, and the result is 61,920.

You can accomplish 61,920 things on this one minute criteria, like connecting to your family by writing a text message, sending that mail you’ve been avoiding to get enrolled in that music class, saying thank you to the person next to you to practice gratitude, setting a meeting with that friend you said you wanted to hang out with more, or watching a video online on how to cook an Italian recipe.

It might seem as a small window of time that’s left of the year to get something done. But math has shown us that is not true. Time is not an excuse – the only one you have to not accomplish your goals is you. So, get up and start doing stuff, because it’s never too late to make your actions count!


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