It is time to take flight

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“Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard”
-Will Smith

There is a story about a man. This man is walking down a path and finds an egg. An eagle’s egg. He takes this egg and puts it into the nest of a backyard hen. The eagle hatches with the chicks and grows up with them. All its life the eagle did what the chickens did. It would fly a few feet into the air like chickens do and cluck around. As time passed the eagle grew very old. One day it saw something gliding gracefully and majestically above in the sky.

“What is that?” The eagle says.

“Oh that? That is an eagle. It is the greatest of all birds. The master of the skies. But we… belong to the ground. We are just chickens. Do not worry about it, you will never be that.” A chicken responds.

That eagle lived and died a chicken because that is what it thought it was.

It is time to take flight


You know that you do not belong where you are right now. What you are doing today is not taking you to the places you want to be. How long is it going to take? To take the path you were made for.

The person you will become is determined by the things you do, feel and think today. All the books you read. All the habits you create. And in this easy-access world… all the information you get in. Be selective of everything you get into your brain. Do not waste your time with meaningless contents just to spend time or because you are bored.

Life is full of new beginnings. Why not creating a new life resolution? Yesterday you said tomorrow and you have been delaying so long what is yours: your dreams. You are being a chicken when you were born an eagle. Wasting energy and creating excuses that only separate you from your mark. Do not miss your mark. Each one of us have that special something to bring out for the world.

It is time to take flight. Why do you exist?



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