International Day of Women & Girls in Science

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What do you want to be when you’re an adult? 

Every child gets this question several times when they are growing up.

As a little girl, my answers were things like ‘designer’ or ‘teacher’ most of the time, never thinking I would have the skills to pursue science or technology. 

Recently, I read the book “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado-Perez. I realized that I wasn’t the only female doubting herself, as I explored the data bias that exists ‘in a world designed for men’, in the words of the author.

She made a reference to an experiment where they gave schoolchildren a task. They were to paint an image of a scientist- and they were surprised to learn that only 28% of the kids painted a female scientist.

In order to achieve equal access and participation of females in science and technology, the United Nations’ General Assembly decided to introduce the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, in 2015 .

In AIESEC, we are also working to increase the opportunities for young women in STEM fields. We are building partnerships with companies and organizations that strive to recruit more women in STEM. 

This enables women to have their first practical experience in the field, while also contributing to gender equality in the organization, as we become more and more aware of the gender gap in such industries, not just in leadership positions. Organisations are also becoming more aware of the critical role that female scientists play.

We currently have over 50 internship positions open around the world and we are looking for young and motivated STEM talents.

If you identify as female and want to start a career in science, explore AIESEC’S Global Talent Opportunities to start your career and leadership journey in one of our internships.

This is your chance to be a role model for all the young girls that may be doubting themselves like I used to.

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