How to improve your recruitment in 2018

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The past 2 years have been really hectic not only in the political world but in the business world as well. Numerous changes have occurred and for now, companies have to figure out new strategies in not only attracting new customers but also new recruits into the company. As we have entered into a new year, here are some new ideas that you could implement into your recruitment process in order to get the right people for your company.

Benchmarking and market research

Before you start hiring, you should, first of all, have an understanding of your market and base of candidates. One must have an understanding of what skills are needed for the positions that are open in order to find the right candidates. In addition, you should look into your competitors and observe their hiring practices, offerings to candidates and what attracts candidates to them. This will give you good insights into what you need to do in order to attract the candidates you want and how to actually attract these candidates to your company.

Focus on employer branding

First things first, what is employer branding? Employer branding is a term used to describe a company’s reputation as an employer. It shows just how much it is viewed in its recruitment practices and how it gives benefits to its workers as they work in the company. For example, Google is number one in the Fortune 100 Best companies to work for, showing that it has the best employee branding. Having good employer branding makes a company stand out and be more desirable to potential employees, especially the good ones. In order to get good candidates, you should focus on culture and values, perks and benefits, and finally the vision and mission of the company.

Reviewing of your current recruiting process

While you may not be Google, there is nothing wrong with reviewing your current talent acquisition process within the company. There is always room for improvement within the process to improve the process of recruitment or to improve on other areas in order to attract the best talent. It is always good to check and/or update your processes as trends are changing and there is room for improvement. The company should try new things and ideas in order to improve its talent recruitment.

Onboarding new hires

Good onboarding will make sure you are able to keep your new hires for up to 3 years or more. Be sure to keep constant communication with the new hire, having at least a conversation once a week leading up to their start date. Once in the company, constantly making sure you update the employee about recent changes within the company would really help in the onboarding process. It will also keep the employee in the loop on what is happening within the company and it will also make him/her feel valued in the company. Formal communication within the company is good, however, it is also good to have time in an informal environment with the new hire. This will allow them to relax and easily feel part of the team. Therefore try to invite them to drinks outside the office or even lunch together.

Those are just a few of the ideas you could implement to make your company more attractive to new recruits and how to make better recruitment practices in 2018. All the best in the new year!



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