If you don’t know what CSR means, you should probably read this

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It’s common to to find that businesses are getting more and more involved in projects that involve sustainability and social projects. This can either be used as a strategy or just a way for the company to give back to the society. In my opinion, all companies should be involved with some kind of project that has a social background. Like, obligatorily. Like, to become a company you have need a project. However, there are many companies who are still not involved with any project and I really think that is wrong.

The word behind this concept is Corporate Social Responsibilty. According to the Lexicon, it is “a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders”. But, to me, it is a true obligation that any company has with its stakeholders and with the society to which it serves. It is truly beneficial for all parts, it helps the business become better and helps the world become better.

Nowadays, thanks to the growing pressure of society into more sustainable practices and better contributions to social projects, it has become a standard business practice. This signifies a big step for all businesses and sends a statement to the world of their care for society, and helps their image become better inside the world of business which is often seen in a negative light by the overall society, and specially the young generation, who are often programed to have a great disbelief in the corporate world.

One of the main reasons businesses also look for ways to implement their CSR nowadays is because the talent they should be looking for, young people currently entering the job market often look at and care for a company’s social responsibility. It is also a very important point in the company’s competitiveness and essencial for its growth nowadays.

Therefore, if a company practices CSR for the social impact or to have a better image among its stakeholders, the important thing is that it is implemented more and more as an essential part of the global business landscape. So, if you are a person who does not know what this is or does not research often about this, I really suggest you start doing so, because while there are some companies that are treat this aspect with disregard for thinking is not important enough or who don’t even have any such practices implemented in their work there also companies that you should look out for more often for having excellent CSR initiatives and for helping generate a more positive impact in the society they act upon.



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