From an Intern to Manager, Global Employer Branding at DPDHL Group

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When I was in AIESEC, I always followed the global partners closely because I was interested in working for a big and international brand in the future.

DPDHL always showcased opportunities, innovation, social impact, and a whole new world to explore in terms of careers.

After my AIESEC International experience, it was pretty clear that DPDHL was the place for me to be! I started my career as a Customer Solutions & Innovations intern. During this time, I learned how we provide customers with innovative, industry-specific solutions that sometimes mean transporting elephants across continents to help them find a new home or make sure a card from a grandpa reaches his grandson.

My internship ended, and I was sure I wanted to continue my career in DPDHL and keep on learning and growing. I moved to DHL Global Forwarding, Freight to join the Global HR Team and have been here since 2013. During these years, I changed roles four times, and every time it was an opportunity given to me to learn and explore new areas.

In my current role as Global Manager Employer Branding, Social Media, and Employee Communication, I get to connect my professional profile in Advertising & Communications with Human Resources. I work on developing campaigns for people to join our company and initiatives to stay with us and feel engaged. 

I interact with global, regional, and country teams across the world; I work on strategic topics connected to our strategy and hands-on initiatives where I see the direct contribution of my work. One part of my job that makes me very proud is contributing to “Diversity & Inclusion” and helping to create a more safe, inclusive, and purpose-driven organization with equal opportunities for all.

It amazes me every day to see the impact of DHL, the logistics industry never stands still, and global trade contributes to economic growth and more significant opportunities for everyone across the world. We help businesses of all sizes, anywhere in the world, to develop, grow and prosper. 

It has been nine years since I joined DHL as an intern, and it was the perfect next step after my AIESEC Experience. At DHL, I found my place. My individuality is celebrated, my voice is heard, and I am given many chances to shine, all that while belonging to a company that has a bigger purpose aligned with my values: Connecting People – Improving Lives.

Come join me at DP DHL Group and start your career, as I did.
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– Andrea Giraldo Tabares, Manager Global Employer Branding, Social Media and Employee.



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