What’s the Tea on the SDGs? Spilling the Facts on 17 Goals Changing the World

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We cannot afford this.

Afford what?

To be bystanders right now, when the world is clearly off track in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the targets the world promised to reach by 2030, that would improve your livelihood and that of every human on earth.

Continue reading as we spill the tea on the SDGs and how you can contribute directly to them in the most exciting way.

What are SDGs?

So…what are the Sustainable Development Goals?

In short, the SDGs are a collection of 17 targets to reduce the negative effects on our world. They are an urgent call of action for all United Nations member states.

As early as 1992, there have been efforts to bring nations together to act in collaboration.

By 2000, the member states of the UN adopted the early version of the SDGs, namely the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs had, back then, the main focus to reduce extreme poverty by 2015. The international mobilization has led to a drop in extreme poverty, showing that it is possible to achieve some of the greatest challenges through collaboration.   

However, with time, we noticed that the challenges humanity faces are far more complex to solve and cannot be reduced to only 8 areas of activity. This is why, today, we are having the SDGs.

Why do we need SDGs?

When, in today’s world, only one in 5 have the chance for higher education, it’s clear we have a problem.

When the number of deaths caused by natural disasters is rising, it’s clear we have a problem.

And when some don’t even get to celebrate their 5th birthday because of a preventable disease, it’s once again clear we have a problem.

The list of problems doesn’t end with these 3 examples. In reality, it’s an overwhelming long list. This is why asking the world to once again join forces in eradicating these problems is so vital. 

We cannot create a significant impact alone, but together we can.


Our vision as an organization is to strive to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. As a result, we believe that the SDGs are one of the ways we can make it come true.

We saw the opportunity to help early on. At the beginning of the launch of the 17 new Global Goals, AIESEC was present to align our processes and projects to facilitate faster results in fighting the current global challenges.

Our international volunteering projects today are designed to focus on a target. If you are not precisely sure which target (cause, challenge) you could picture yourself contributing to, here’s an image showcasing them all:

The status today

The progress made is not satisfactory after almost 10 years, and there are 6 years to go until 2030, according to the latest data.

Based on this data, we can tell which targets need the most support.

No poverty, education, access to clean water, decent work opportunities, climate action, peace, justice, and strong institutions are some of the least advanced targets.

This begs the question: “What is there to do?”

With AIESEC, you can directly help contribute to the SDGs in 2 ways:

Join Youth Speak Forum: If time is not on your side, participating in Youth Speak Forum is an excellent way to educate yourself about topics that matter and learn more about how you can contribute. Youth Speak Forum is an event organized by AIESEC, that brings to you experts on different topics, supporting you on the journey of identifying the right cause for you to take action in your area.

It is an ideal start, as it offers a platform to express some of your deepest frustrations about how the world operates these days in a manner that doesn’t serve mankind, leaving you with tangible ideas on how to change the narrative.

Volunteer: Be it abroad or locally within one of our branches. In this way, you can help create the opportunity for people to engage with local issues, or you can help progress the SDGs in areas that need support the most by joining a project.

The best part? You are not alone in either of these options. Community matters to us, and we bring it closer to you.


Initially, we told you that we are off track in achieving the SDGs. Which is true! But don’t let this discourage you.

Just as true is the acknowledgment that there was also significant progress made.

The fact that we have come so far and achieved so much proves it can be done. Let progress be your fuel and the end goal your motivation.

We are excited to see what the future brings, as we know we can make a difference!


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