Dream of changing you first

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Everyday I get a little bit depressed. I wish I were on a bad dream whenever I read the news and all I find is mostly negative: armed conflicts, pain, injustice, you name it surely it will be in there.

It gets to me in an even deeper level. I’m an AIESEC member for quite some time now, and it hurts me that I cannot see its “WHY” accomplished. Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential still seem like a dream although all that young people work hard for it.

dream of peace

Suddenly it hits me, it’s not only the dream of any organization to make the world a better place, but it was mine too, so how come I’m just watching as they strive to achieve it? Am I just here to point at what is wrong?, or am I here to actually do something?

My epiphany came in the form of a movie, yours can be in a different shape. And it is as follows:

As with every other dream you have…

No one’s going to deliver you your dream of a better world, it’s only up to you to reach it. Grasp it and see it done.

Pretty concise, right? Yes, it is, however it’s easier said than done. That dream can only be accomplished through hard work, MY own hard work.

A dream has the uniqueness to implant in our minds an image of a better world. As any artist can tell you it is only after you work for it when it materializes, it doesn’t matter how good you can explain it to others for them to make it, it will never be as you envisioned it.

I hope that this actually can help you see it, the dream of a better world it’s also a job for you. Next time you’re about to complain or get sad about the state of the world, first think if you’re actually doing something for it. If not, then complain, but about you and your lack of action.

Go to aiesec.org to learn how to take action.


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