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The bad news is: the climate is changing. It is our last minute to take action.

The good news is: you are not alone. Together we can still save nature; the planet; ourselves.
Contribute to the fight!

Here we listed 6 ways in which you can contribute to the global goal of climate action. And where do cows come in the picture?! Just read on to find out 😉

1) Ride a bike or take public transport to reduce your CO2 emission!

This is also a more effective use of traveling time: walking or biking counts as exercise; bus rides can be used to study, read a book, or just answer to all of your messages. Or to find your perfect internship!

2) Think global, shop local!

Again: transportation uses a lot of energy and increases air pollution.
Think about the fuel burned to ship your avocados from California to Europe! Or the energy used to grow strawberries in the winter. Thus eating local and seasonal produce is not only healthy – it’s environmentally friendly too.
Can’t live without tropical fruits? We understand – get them fresh from the local market while you are on an exchange in your dream country!

3) Skip that steak!

Surprising facts are coming: beef production uses 11 times more resources than poultry, and produces more harmful gases than cars. Yes, this is proven by statistics; but how is it possible?! It is not the poor cows’ fault of course; but the feed they receive needs huge areas to grow, massive fertilization, and transportation (again). So the problem is not cattle itself; rather the big scale industrial production. Again – stick to local dairy sources and opt for chicken burgers.

4) Raise awareness on the problem!

Take the next step, and volunteer for the cause. Travel abroad and impact communities in less developed countries. The opportunities cover physical action (cleaning beaches, tree plantation, …) as well as educating locals on the issue. Enabling them to take actions on their own, and spread the message: it’s time for a change!


These are just small steps, but if we walk the path  together, we can go a long way!
Invite others too by sharing this article; raise awareness and work for our goal.
What are you waiting for? Live the Experience!


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