Chasing that high

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Jumping to a crowd when the beat drops.
Leaning in to a new kiss.
Staring off the cliff daring yourself to jump.

This was my youth. Yeah I read those cheesy blog articles that told me to chase flights instead of boys or bags and so I did. I spent my youth (and my money) searching for that high wherever I could find it. And boy, those blog articles were right, it was incredible.

But they all had something in common.
They were temporary.

The beat drops, and then it fades.
The kiss sparkles and then it doesn’t feel the same.
You jump the cliff and then you hit the water.

And that’s it. But because they were so temporary, I craved them even more. And the more I seemed to chase those moments, the less meaning they had. You build a tolerance. The cliff jump just doesn’t feel the same the second time around.

And then, I started chasing a new high.

Staying up until 5am to work on a project and have everyone in the morning not recognise its worth.
Receiving the worst kind of criticism and gritting your teeth and fighting for more.
Finding a magnificent obsession that makes you forget to eat, sleep and breath and then deeming it worthy of investing your life.

I’m turning 24 today and when I think about my youth and those highs, these are the ones that last. Hard work, long hours and constant criticism. To be honest, they don’t sound as appealing as a beach in Ibiza and they might not be the moments that get you 400 hearts on instagram, but they’re they ones that actually change you.

So what’s my birthday wish for 25? Well it’s your lucky day. My wish is for you.

For you to chase more than that glory selfie or fleeting moment. I wish for you to find that obsession and that high, the ones that actually deserve to be chased.

Chase that High.



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