Change is the only constant

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Think of all the great discoveries and inventions that happened only because people started to think differently. Would it be possible if we were afraid to go with new approaches, change the perspective or be nonconformists to the certain things happening around? The story of Mary Campos-Josef tells us about a great value of being original and working hard on making your ideas happen.

– Please tell us a bit about yourself.

– I am Mary Judith Campos-Josef, and I have a twin sister – Marie Consuela. We both are physical therapists. We studied alternative medicine at Natural Health Foundation Philippines and became test-valid assessor for massage therapy. We embrace alternative medicine and Physical therapy practices with the health practices from other countries to be competitive in the delivery of intervention in the complexity of health care issues.

– We know you have your own business. Tell us about Jucones Contemporary Physical Therapy.

– JCPTS (Jucones Contemporary Physical Therapy Services) was established by me and my sister on January 2011 to act as a catalyst in the development of programs and understanding of the rules of physical therapy in the forthcoming years and to be ever present for the need for expertise within the spheres of health and wellness, health promotion, education, habitation and rehabilitation within the context of the belief, values, and practices of the community. JCPTS is a contributor to the transformational business book, a joint project of United Nation Development Program (UNDP) the Philippines and Philippine Businesses for the Environment (PBE) which was nationally launched in 2017. JCPTS commitment is to implement the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, lead primary health care and community-based rehabilitation and transform communities through core business services and collaboration.

– What made you start that company?

– The effort was released when my twin sister, Marie took her transitional doctor and physical therapy program at Nova Southeastern University in Florida USA.

– Through this whole experience of creating a company that helps, what did you learn?

– Having worked in a wide range of `practice, from cruise based, a global immersion institution to home health care and community-based rehabilitation, I learned about the entrepreneurial spirit. This helps not only my profession but also the clientele that I serve through collaboration. I have developed system based management and community-based rehabilitation that serves the underserved; elderly and children with disabilities in the community.  As a result, a city level ordinance was proposed and replicated in other cities. My twin and I have developed a program and integration of complementary alternative medicine and physical therapy for elderly and children with a disability within the context of physical therapy. 

– What would you tell young people out there who feel inspired by your story to make a change in their community?

– The business started small when there were not that many health care home service. The key to success was doctors’ visitation and referral. I want to tell young people out there: first, to think. Just think about facilitating change. Spend more time with people who love change. Second, change your view. Explore and expose yourself to a different mindset. My parents value education and they have instilled in us the passion for continuous learning. Lastly, viewing yourself as an entrepreneur. In any club, company, or community, you should develop a sense of entrepreneurial spirit and practice it. As an entrepreneur, you should be accountable for your behavior. It’s part of our social responsibility and value.

So, whatever it is you are working on – never be afraid of getting rid of your usual assumptions and viewing it from a fresh perspective. Sometimes you need to take a step back to see the whole picture. We believe that will help you to change your community and your life for better! 

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