Captain America; an AIESECer in Disguise?

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Marvel’s most anticipated movie this year, the last chapter of the Third Phase, Avengers Endgame, will be released on April 26th.

After half of all life in the universe was killed thanks to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, the remaining Avengers, and their allies must reassemble to revert those actions in one last stand.

Among the characters, we find the First Avenger, Captain America who will be presented one last time by Chris Evans on screen.

However, Cap isn’t appreciated and loved by many.

He might not be a Half Ninja like Batman, he might not be the King of Oceans like Aquaman, he might not own the coolest suit on Earth like Iron Man and he might not be an Asgardian god like Thor. But for sure, he is the Leader anyone aspires to be, and for AIESECers, he seems a lot as if he is part of the community.

Here’s 4 times, Steve Rogers proved he’s an AIESECer in disguise, in the MCU:

1. Activating Leadership:

“Do as I tell you, not as I do” is not something Steve Rogers would say.

Instead, Cap will be leading with action, not words. He is always the first into the fray and always the last to retreat from the battlefield. Of course, as we know, the best leaders set the bar high and ask others to rise to their level.

And not just that!

Captain America is a man who takes full responsibility for his actions, he is never afraid or unwilling to admit it when he’s wrong. He is not stubborn or unable to bend. That’s what makes him likeable and respected by his team and the Marvel fan base, as a leader.

And just like Cap, we are always trying to lead by example and inspire leadership through action and results, we also take full responsibility for our choices for developing other.

2. Demonstrating integrity:

We all know that every action has consequences, and Captain Steve Rogers is very aware of that. He also knows that it’s his job, as a Leader, to accept both the good and bad that come from his decisions. And that was demonstrated in his third movie; Captain America: Civil War.

Rogers places loyalty above truth when he withholds the identity of the man who killed Iron Man’s parents. The man turns out to be his brainwashed best friend from childhood, and he chose to save him anyway. He pays a great price for this choice: it leads to the “civil war” the movie is focused on. Rogers learns firsthand the price of not being transparent, honest, and accountable.

Cap is also known to be a man of vision, integrity and conviction. He is very clear on what needs to be done and accomplished. He understands his purpose and values, and he fights for them.

As AIESECers, we are known for fulfilling our commitments in a way that is true to our vision, while being consistent and transparent in our decisions. Which proves again, he’s a lot like us!

3.  Striving for Excellence

Whether he’s leading human soldiers, like in his first movie, or superhuman heroes, Captain America can figure out who’s likely to succeed at a given task and makes job assignments accordingly. We all know that famous line: “Hulk: Smash.

This requires understanding of limitations as well as capability. Captain America doesn’t expect Tony Stark (Iron Man) to overcome his huge ego nor Natasha Romanova (Black Widow) to punch through brick walls.

But that isn’t just limited to his team; while he knows his team very well, he is also very self-aware and knows how to improve his fighting skills with adding more cool moves, making him more badass in the movies!

Of course, that is very inspiring for his teammates, as they will be doing their best to step it up as well.

Surprisingly, we happen to seek to continuously improve, just like Steve! We also aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything that we do, solo, or in a team.

4. Living Diversity:

Cap sees value in everyone. As a result, he is able to balance world-sized egos, powerhouse monsters, and Norse Gods finding the value in each of his teammates regardless of their background, powers, or personality. He also respects, cares, and encourages his teammates at every opportunity. Which makes him an AIESECer! (obviously!)

Being a worldwide known organization, we have a community composed of different backgrounds. We always make sure to respect that and encourage the contribution of every individual to our aim!

Captain America is, without doubt, the ultimate leader in the Marvel Universe. What makes him even more interesting is that he shares the same values, as anyone who’s been through an AIESEC exchange or membership experience.

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