How can interacting with youth help my company?

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Young people are growing up at really different times compared to older generations as many millennials find themselves unemployed. According to Eurostat statistics 2017, youth unemployment rate was twice or even thrice that of the normal unemployment rate. Young people have the privilege of being exposed to technology at a higher rate than ever before. Even though they have these advantages, companies usually tend to overlook them. One of the reasons why this is the case is that the rate of youth unemployment has risen significantly since the 2008 global recession and older people took over jobs young people used to be dominant in. This has left a disconnection between the youth and businesses. Here are some ideas why companies should consider connecting with young people.

Fresh perspective

Young people (in particular Generation Z) can always bring new ideas into the company and may look at your business concept in a different way than you ever have. As mentioned before, the youth are more connected to technology than older generations. They know the new social apps that are more popular and can be used to connect with different customer segments. This is vital information for companies to know how best to connect not only with their current customer base but also their future base as well. Therefore they remain current and relevant to this interaction.

Ability to accept change

The youth are still in their years of development and companies should work on taking advantage of this. While the older employees/people within the company or outside are ‘set in their ways’, younger people are more able to deal with and accept change. This makes it easier for companies to interact with them and introduce new products or changes within the company to see how the market could react to these changes.

Provides CSR initiative

When companies interact with the youth they open up different opportunities that the youth haven’t recognized yet. Through interacting with the youth it allows them to gain meaningful life and working skills. They gain an open mind and realize the different opportunities that are there for them. This realization gives them not only hope but resilience in developing their lives. When they work towards reaching their goals and using the skills they gained interacting with companies they are able to provide development in society. Therefore companies interacting with youth make a really good Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

While interacting with youth it seems like there is a trickle-down effect. Not only do you assist in developing the youth but this interaction also brings about development in society as well. So, companies actually have an impact when they interact with the youth. If you would like to know better ways to interact more with young people, you can find out how by clicking here.


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