How can companies manage resistance to change?

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Uncertainty is one of the biggest problems that we, as the human race, struggle with. This is why insurance companies get a lot of money because people always want to be sure about the future. In addition, we try to have a gradual growth to change, and any sudden differences make us feel uncomfortable. This, (uncertainty) is now one of the biggest challenges in organizations these days, as decisions need to be made and in order to be adaptable to the trends, organizations have to know how best to handle the feeling of uncertainty to direct their employees through it. How best can you be able to lead your team during such times?

Start at the top

When any change is being implemented in an organization, especially if it’s a cultural change, it’s good to always start at the top. You should get the CEO and other leaders on board and they must start simulating the behaviors that you hope to see in the organization. This will help it to be easier for employees to also be on board with the change.

Align the change to the organization’s direction

To make it easier for employees to accept change it is essential for you to make sure that the strategies being implemented are in the same direction of the company. It makes it easier for employees to accept change when it’s aligned to the overall organization’s direction. Once this is made aware generally, employees understand the change and become complaint easier.

Expect resistance

Do not be surprised by resistance at the beginning of the change! From my personal experience even if you come up with the best ideas and employees understand this is beneficial, it is always important to not underestimate the comfort of status quo for employees. Fear of the unknown is always a threat to this. You should focus on addressing the resistance and mitigating it but do not be caught off guard by the resistance.

Provide a support system

Try to always make sure there is a support system in place to help with the transition to the change. This could be done by providing mentorship programmes and providing an open door policy to management. You will be able to provide a comfortable environment for the transition. Employees are able to ask questions to management in order to reduce uncertainty.

Provide effective training

Training is also a good way to assist in transition in the organization. Whether it be formal or informal it always is sufficient to provide employees with the tools to be able to navigate the change. There are numerous ways to do this and it’s become even easier by using the internet in order to train the employees.

Having to navigate change is a tough time for employees and as a leader, you must be able to assist your employees as they go through the change. Try your best to look at the steps you can consider to make it easier for your organization. If you are looking for ways to hire employees who are solution oriented and are able to adapt to change, visit us here.


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