The benefits of getting an international employee for your company

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Diversity in the workplace has been something that has always been preached by the ‘Globalization Gospel’. Big companies and small ones too have decided to invest in hiring international talent and working with people from various backgrounds. We then have to figure out: Why is diversity so important and what value does it bring to organizations?

Diversity brings about different viewpoints
Diversity is more than a hot concept, It is now more of a necessity to survive and be innovative. How? Diversity always brings about a difference of perspective to the work environment. It is always an advantage to give a much bigger perspective than a local one as this keeps organizations within what’s trendy to remain current and in order to keep up with the many changes in technological advancement. And sometimes, it is just a new concept or idea that can change how work is done. This is because international employees always bring about a difference of perspective and ideas to the table.

Having international workers allows the organization to be connected to other country markets as well. Transnationalism is when an immigrant has assimilated into the new country and culture and also bears allegiance and connections to their country of origin. Using this to an organization’s advantage is necessary especially if they decide to expand abroad or just to do business with other countries. They get to know the best places to get resources and how to approach different countries through being taught business norms and culture by international employees. Basically, they are the connection between you and the world.

Reduction of turnover costs
Having a high turnover is actually a cost for any organization. This is because it costs time and money to not only train an employee but for them to adapt to the new company. If they decide to quit in a short period of time and this is a trend it costs the company money and one of the biggest assets, time. International employees foster a more hospitable work environment which makes other employees want to remain within the organization. This then increases the retention rate and reduces the costs caused by a lower retention rate.

Whether it be to fill in the gap of baby boomers or it is to find specific, skills international employees are always a good option to choose from. International employees are more skilled in some industries which need new workers and there is a gap between demand and supply. Currently, most countries have a lack of supply in the ICT industry and in order to fill in open positions companies need to consider employing non-local workers. They need to always consider this as an ‘option’.

In conclusion, if you are not moving towards employing international talent you are missing out on these and other advantages. So go ahead and think about it… In fact don’t think, go ahead and employ a non-local and enjoy the benefits. You’re welcome. If you have no idea how to start you can find more from here.


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