How to Avoid Making the Wrong Career Move

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We got some bad news for you. Uh-oh

You will make a mistake at some point regarding your career. At least, that’s what the numbers say:

78% of employees are not engaged in their work.
99% of people chose the wrong career path.
9 out of 10 regret rushing their careers.

Embarking on a career path is a significant decision that can design our future. And it’s therefore essential, as a career starter, to make informed choices to avoid regrettable career moves.

Here are a few ways to take into consideration before you start your career for the best outcome of your path. 

Explore your options. Don’t be afraid to leap

Volunteer to gain new experiences and skills.
In organizations such as AIESEC (and not only), members are offered various opportunities to discover what they are most passionate about.

The organization offers sales, HR, marketing, operations, and finance roles. By testing out multiple roles, you get to have a hint of what sparks your interest most if you realize your study isn’t doing it for you.

So, ask the NGOs at your university or college what they can offer you next time you have classes. It can help you with frustration when you realize something isn’t right for you.

Intern to test the waters and discover your interests

Volunteering is great when you are having studies, but you might want to experience what it’s like at an actual workplace. The ideal way to test that out is by taking an internship.

Take a short internship in a small company (or a big one; you never know) and see if you like the industry. Sometimes, our ideas of the industry and the reality don’t always match. 

Imagine it as a great tool for figuring out if your chosen career path aligns with what you imagined and for discovering various options within your chosen field of study. For instance, if you’re studying business, you can explore many different types of roles – from finance to marketing and beyond. The opportunities are vast!
Where you do your internship is important, too! Some folks discover a passion for entrepreneurship while interning at big corporations, while others appreciate the perks and unique opportunities that large companies provide.

You can choose to intern locally, or you can choose to intern globally. If you don’t know where to start, you can always check out what AIESEC has to offer as internships.

Network with industry professionals

Get to know more people.

Connecting with experienced individuals can offer valuable insights and advice. Networking not only opens doors to new job opportunities but also allows for exploration of diverse career paths.

Building a professional network across various fields can be beneficial whether you aim to start your own business within or outside your current field. This network can provide potential clients, partners, suppliers, and more.

Additionally, learning from others’ experiences, both successes and failures, can offer valuable lessons and help you enhance your career path while avoiding common pitfalls.

Learn from setbacks and failures. They’re part of the journey

It is well known that many people consider themselves perfectionists. They are very success-driven. Their tendencies lead to great results. However, it is harder for them to jump back when setbacks arise.

We recommend a healthier approach. Be grateful for the mistakes and failures made. Set aside time to think about what lessons you can take from this experience.

Life is not black and white, and the road to a goal is not straight. Setbacks, mistakes, and failures are a given. 
In this process, you will get one step closer to discovering what wakes you up in the morning. 

Bottom line

Without trying, we rarely know what we like or dislike the most. It’s significant for your career since it is a considerable part of your life. 
Making mistakes will be inevitable, however. But by trying and, therefore, making informed decisions based on your experience, you can reduce the impact and bounce back swiftly. 


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