AIESEC & Goodwall Launch the BetterTogether Free Online Program

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Geneva, Switzerland, August 24, 2020 – AIESEC has partnered with social enterprise app Goodwall to launch BetterTogether. This inclusive, online program aims to help young people navigate the post-pandemic job market and positively impact society through the development of professional skills, experience, and networking.

The coronavirus crisis has been challenging for just about everyone everywhere, but younger generations have faced a particularly difficult time.

Around the world, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that “more than one in six young people [are] out of work due to COVID-19.” Many summer internships have been cancelled or postponed, and this uncertainty is a perfect breeding ground for high stress and anxiety.

To help students and young professionals overcome many of the obstacles thrown up by the pandemic and build essential skills along the way, AIESEC has joined forces with Goodwall and other key partners to launch BetterTogether

About the BetterTogether Program

BetterTogether is a free online program taking place now and lasting until mid-September. Through a series of challenges, live speaker sessions, and access to courses, participants in the program will get the chance to develop skills, gain experience, and network globally.

BetterTogether participants receive:

  • Challenges – The program revolves around a series of 10 challenges each addressing an important issue, from the Sustainable Development Goals to Black Lives Matter.
  • Speakers – Participants get the chance to take part in live AMA sessions with 50+ influential and inspiring speakers, including actors, co-founders, role models, and more.
  • Connections – All Goodwall members are encouraged to network with more than 1.5 million like-minded students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals from 150+ countries.
  • Prizes – Over $25,000 in prizes are up for grabs, including scholarships, app subscriptions, charity donations, exclusive memberships, cash awards, and more.
  • Learning – Access to Pearson’s Workplace Behaviors Learning Programme modules.
  • And much more!

On the list of speakers are many noteworthy names, including AIESEC’s own Alexandra Robinson, Global President of AIESEC, who will speak on September 3rd. She joins a host of other distinguished guests, such as UN Youth Climate Champion Marie-Claire Graf and bestselling author Nir Eyal. Anyone can attend the live virtual sessions of Alexandra Robinson or other speakers through Goodwall’s Instagram Live, where members can also watch past speaking events as recorded videos.

How to Participate in BetterTogether

Participation is completely free and simple, and anyone from anywhere can take part in the BetterTogether program.

To get started, download the Goodwall app on iOS or Android

After the initial sign-up stage, you’ll be presented with challenges and other opportunities as they become available. You can participate by posting short videos or photos, pitching ideas, and showcasing accomplishments, depending on the details of the particular challenge.

Throughout the program, all members will automatically be notified via the app about upcoming speaker sessions, all of which will be hosted on Instagram Live. You may take part in any number or all of the challenges put forth, and each will come with a unique award.

AIESEC’s goal is to activate leadership, with the end goal of striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. To do so, we need leaders who are world citizens, possess self-awareness, are solution-oriented, and live to empower others. Through programs such as BetterTogether and others, we hope to encourage future leaders, diminish uncertainty, and restore lost confidence so that they’re able to tackle the challenges of the post-COVID-19 world.

About Goodwall

Goodwall is the next-generation community and social development network built specifically to address the needs of Gen Z and younger millennials. Goodwall aims to help students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals by giving them a unique platform to share ideas, highlight achievements, showcase talents, document experience, meet like-minded peers around the world, find jobs, internships, and scholarships, and seek & provide support.

The Goodwall community is made up of over 1.5 million members from 150+ countries around the world. With 5+ million job and internship opportunities, more than $1 million in scholarships and awards, thousands of volunteer events, and hundreds of online courses, Goodwall is well-prepared to help navigate students and young professionals through this new decade.


AIESEC is a global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential through international internships and volunteer opportunities. Since AIESEC was founded in 1948, the organization has engaged and developed over 1,000,000 young people globally through international placements and membership opportunities. AIESEC is a youth-run, non-governmental, and not-for-profit organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated with the UN DPI, member of ICMYO, and is recognized by UNESCO.

This blog was written by Christian Eilers.

Christian Eilers is a career and education writer with a focus on the topics of professional development, college entry, university life, and entrepreneurship. As the Content Lead for the Goodwall Blog, he covers subjects including self-improvement, social impact, college preparation, career advancement, fighting climate change, and more. Christian is originally from New York City and now resides in Warsaw, Poland. 


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