6 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Leader

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We are in the era of information. As the saying goes “Knowledge is power.” This saying never has been more true. In today’s world, we have access to superpowers, not only fictional characters have them. Our superpower is knowledge. The more you know, the more powerful and influential you are.

Learning more in less time in this fast-paced world could be a struggle but not if you used the right method (the secret formula)

The secret formula is not really a secret; we’re sure you know about it. It’s Podcasts. Listening to podcasts can teach you many lessons and life wisdom in no time.

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“But there are a lot of podcasts out there, which one should I choose?” One of the reasons people don’t listen to podcasts is because there a lot of podcasts (choices) out there. No worries! We’ve rounded up a list of 6 podcasts covering leadership-related topics that will you save you time and mental stress. These podcasts will make you a better leader!

1. The Learning Leader Show

hosted by Ryan Hawk

If you want to learn about leadership from the world’s most thoughtful leaders and hear their life stories and leadership wisdom, then this podcast is for you. 

Ryan Hawk talks in his podcast about a variety of leadership related-topics such as living our values, defining our mission, setting our vision, creating a high-performance culture, how to stand out, and all the topics that would be good to know to become a great leader.

2. A Bit of Optimism Podcast

hosted by Simon Sinek

“Words may inspire, but the only action creates change.” — Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is an author, leadership guru, professor at Columbia University. He wrote the bestselling leadership book “Start With Why.” His ability to articulate complex ideas in simple language is impressive. Many young people want to write their papers just as well, so they turn to Papertyper.net essay writer, which contains many free writing tools and even an AI writing generator that has already been loved by users.

He initiates brain-picking conversations with inspiring successful people about love, life, leadership, and silver linings in his podcast. His hope is to share “A Bit of Optimism,” which will help you take action in your life.

Simon Sinek is known to be inspirational, so is his podcast!

3. Leadership On Purpose

hosted by Blake Buzarth

You want to learn how to lead a group of people, learn about business or even launch your own?

 Listening to this podcast will equip you with the right mindset and knowledge about management, business, and leadership. 

This podcast is designed to help you lead with confidence. The best part is that it gives you practical insights for leading yourself and your team.

4. HBR IdeaCast 

hosted by Alison Beard

Can you imagine the amount of value you’ll get by just listening to the Harvard Business Review podcast? 

This weekly podcast from the Harvard Business Review offers incredible insights, smart research, and insightful interviews with top business leaders all over the world. 

You’ll learn about topics from culture and leadership, to brand and marketing. It has a vast array of topics to help you level up in your career.

5. AIESEC Podcast

hosted by AIESEC

And this is our favorite one of them, ( not for the reason you’re thinking ).

In the AIESEC Podcast, we’re not only talking about leadership related-topics, but we’re also sharing experiences of exchange students and AIESEC members. 

You’ll be learning about the needed mindset to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. As they say in the Podcast, you’ll be future-proof.

Drum rolls (da-dum-da-dum)…

We announce that our AIESEC podcast series will start soon.

6. Engaging Leader

hosted by Jesse Lahey

Engaging Leader is a podcast to help you communicate, engage, and lead with greater impact. 

Heard regularly by thousands of leaders since 2012, Jesse Lahey and our guests share principles, tips, and stories to help you inspire trust, passion, and action!

Wrapping up

With 10 minutes a day of listening to these podcasts with their powerful stories and wisdom, this can happen to you:

  • You’ll learn the necessary knowledge on how to launch your business
  • Learn subject matter experts
  • You’ll learn the necessary knowledge on how to lead time
  • Enhance your communication skills capacity (the more you consume knowledge, the more articulate you become)

The benefits of listening to these 6 podcasts are endless.

What are you waiting for to reap all these amazing benefits? 


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