5 ways to attract millennials to your company

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Millennials! Love or hate them, they are the workforce of the future. Organizations need to start being flexible in adapting to their trends and to find better ways to integrate them and retain them within the organization. This is crucial for the existence of the business because millennials are the future of the workforce and currently they are entering the job market in vast numbers. Companies find it more difficult to recruit millennials than other generations because they have different preferences to an employer than previous generations. Let’s look into what attract millennials to an organization.


This barely comes as a surprise because most millennials use technology in their everyday life. There are about 2.32 billion smartphones currently in use. This means that about 1 out of every 3 people has a smartphone. As an organization, you should be shaping your environment to foster a tech environment where potential employees are able to use technology to be effective. Millennials prefer to use technology to keep in touch with people. This means they prefer to communicate through the internet rather than face to face. This doesn’t mean that face to face meetings should be eliminated, however, the organization must be prepared to be flexible to provide a space where employees are able to use technology to be effective.

Self-development opportunities

Opening opportunities for employees to develop their skills and themselves is a sure way to attract the right people. Millennials are always looking for opportunities to develop themselves in any way. This is what they look for when they look for their first job. They lack these skills as most tertiary education institutions do not educate them. Therefore, focusing on workshops, seminars and trainings are some of the crucial ways to attract millennials.

Progressive career ladder  

Millennials are looking to have a clear path to progress within their career. Therefore if you want to attract them you must be able to provide a clear path for them to climb up the corporate ladder and assure them of this. Most millennials see this as more motivating than to be given financial benefits. Therefore the provision of growth in the company is always something that will get millennials to join.

A good work/life balance

More and more companies are working on becoming better at allowing employees to have a good work-life balance by providing flexible hours when it comes to working. While there are some jobs that are not flexible and require employees to be at their desk from 9-5, most are actually not so strict. Millennials are requiring companies to be more and more open in their working hours’ policy and in order to attain great talent companies need to abide by whatever the trend is in recruitment by providing numerous options for employees working time.

How to attract millennials

Now that you have an idea about expectations in the work environment by millennials, how best can you attract them to work for you? Transparency is one of the solutions. Try to be as open with millennials as much as possible. Try to let them in on some of the work you are doing and ask for their feedback. They will really appreciate this as they feel like they are already part of the company. In addition, involve millennials within the organization in promoting the company. They know how to promote to their counterparts better.

Those are the 5 things that would be essential in attracting millennials to work within your company. If you want to find ways to get millennials to be a part of your organization, find out more by clicking here.


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