5 Tips to Maintain A Positive Mindset

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In today’s generation, it seems as if nearly everyone easily becomes unmotivated and experiences burn out. Could it be because of the fast-paced society we live in? Or perhaps it might be because we want to achieve a lot of things in a limited amount of time. In these moments, it’s common for us to start questioning what we’re doing and where we’re heading. Despite being sidetracked, we have to remember that when we create something of value, challenges and trials are part of the process.

Grace under pressure, mind over matter”, a very common phrase we often hear when we feel as if the world is on our shoulders. But we must keep in mind that above all this, maintaining a positive attitude is critical when you want to achieve anything. Shifting one’s mindset and habits to suit yourself and your endeavors is a great start to improving the quality of your life. With this, here are five easy yet effective ways on how we can maintain a positive mindset.

1. State Affirmations

Simple affirmations such as “I am confident enough to do this”, or “My situation is tough, but I will get through this” are a great start to keeping a positive mindset. Our thoughts often manifest in our habits and characteristics. Affirmations can also come in the form of songs, quotes, or anything that ultimately makes you feel good. Our minds have unbelievable strength; use it for positivity.

2. Surround Yourself With Good People

More often than not, people who surround us actually influence us. We tend to mirror the thoughts and habits of others until they grow on us and become a norm. With this, it’s important for us to be aware of who surrounds us.

“When we surround ourselves with strong, high-achievers with good character, we are more likely to become just like them. On the other hand, imagine how much of a negative influence low-achievers can have on you.”

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3.Focus, Work, Pause

This is a simple yet effective practice I use daily. FOCUS, WORK, PAUSE is a work-cycle that allows us to overcome functional fixedness, which generally presents the idea that “just because one method seems easy to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only method that works.”

In the Focus phase, we ask ourselves questions such as “What are my goals?” and “Why are these my goals?”. This way, we establish a clear direction for us to move towards. Also, this is the right time to shift the mindset. Instead of saying “I’m not focusing enough”, try asking yourself if it’s the right kind of focus.

When we reach the Work phase, we want to make sure that we’re working to achieve the goals we focus on. Working towards our goals includes trials and errors, until we build momentum. What stands between us and our goals isn’t entirely about skill and talent. Rather how much effort we put in to achieving them.

Finally, we reach Pause. The purpose of pausing is to allow us to take a step back and collect ourselves, so that when we continue working towards our goal, we still have a clear vision of our direction.

4. Be Organized!

To be organized is sometimes easier said than done. At first I didn’t see the point of keeping planners, organizers and such when we’re already living with smartphones. But when I started using planners, I felt a sense of accountability and accomplishment. They seem to have a personal touch to them. I was writing down my To-Do lists, creating mini vision boards and writing about how my day went.

Simple things such as keeping an organizer or making your bed every morning actually releases happy hormones. In the long run, this shifts our mindset and affects our lives in a good way!

5. Live With Gratitude

It’s crazy how one negative comment can affect our entire mood- even our entire day. Because of this, we often overlook all the good things that happen to us. Being grateful, even for the tiniest matter, makes the world around us brighter.

Had a bad day? Be grateful that you woke up, well and good. Change your perspective; the rest will follow.

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Give yourself the chance to change today to make tomorrow even better. We live, we learn, we grow. With a positive mindset and the right attitude, we inch closer towards our goals while leaving a positive impact on others as well.

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