5 Foolproof Ways to Love What You Do

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How are you feeling right now? If you feel tired or bored with your life, you are lucky to come across this blog. Now, you might think that there will be the perfect thing, activity, or job that will make your life satisfying. Once you attain one of those, you are sure that you will be happy for the rest of your life.

Reality doesn’t work like that. In fact, you would probably get bored if it did. There is likely no single thing that will keep you feeling passionate about life. So what can we do to enjoy life? The answer is to stay connected to what you do and continue to grow in the process. In this blog, let’s explore the foolproof ways to love what you’re doing, whether you are working, studying, or doing something completely different.

1. Enjoy a morning routine to set up your mood

Having the time for a comprehensive morning routine is a privilege. However, you can always go with the small activities! For example: enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, doing a skincare routine, or maybe watching YouTube videos for 15 minutes. If you spend some time in the morning having fun, you will hopefully have the good energy to do your daily tasks.

2. Create a to-do list; plan your days ahead (including recreations!)

Do you feel like you’re being chased by deadlines and obligations? Creating a to-do list can help you to feel in control of your time. Scheduling time for work/studies, doing errands, preparing meals, exercising, et cetera will guide you to see which ones you need to prioritize. In the end, a to-do list might also help you to see that you have enough free time, after all.

Finish creating your to-do list? That’s great! It means that you now know when you have free time. Use the free time for leisure to truly enjoy the life you have. Each person may have different ideas of recreation; it might be hiking, visiting the beach, or simply reading fantasy novels at home.

3. Reflect on what you do and “count your blessings”

This one might sound cheesy, but the idiom “count your blessings” is popular for a reason. Think about your workplace or school. What else do you do there other than fulfilling your duty? Let’s do a little reflection together.

Do you have a favorite meal at the cafeteria? Do you have close friends whom you like to gossip with at break time? Identify what you gain from your current occupation that you might take for granted. Expand the reflection to the “boring” stuff you do as well. Ask questions like “Why am I doing this?” “How is my work will help other people?” “Am I doing the best as I can do at this moment?”

Reflection helps adding perspective and meaning to what we do. It also ensures constant improvement in the long run.

4. Strive for excellence

What does it mean to strive for excellence? We push ourselves to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. It shouldn’t matter if you’re currently satisfied with your occupation or not, just put the in your mind that you deserve the best in life. The only way to receive the best is to give out the best you can do every day.

Combat the feeling that you’re not doing enough at the moment by ensuring yourself that you will give out your personal best with the knowledge and energy you currently have. Let this idea motivates you to be a highly effective individual, no matter what you do. 

5. Remember that you are more than your occupation

Avoid having a personal identity that’s too strongly tied to your occupation. You are who you are not because of your productivity alone. You are much more than that.

Do your friends think you’re funny? Do you like to draw or make music in your spare time? Or maybe, you feed stray cats every day on your way to work? These small and “petty” things make up your personality. They are the reason why people love you.

Final thoughts

Many people assume that there’s this perfect thing that will keep them satisfied forever. However, life would be boring if that were the case.

To enjoy life, you need to love what you do at the moment. Your boring job or studies might not be so boring after all. Maybe, you just need to find ways to stay connected with the present.

These five foolproof ways might be the first steps to help you enjoy life. If you have any suggestions based on your experience, please let us know in the comment section. Feel free to share this blog with your friends who might be struggling to love what they do.


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